Fat Gum coloring pages synthesize many interesting images of Fat Gum, making it easy for you to own and color images of your favorite character Fat Gum in My Hero Academia.

Taishiro Toyomitsu, also known as BMI Hero: Fat Gum, is the current No. 58 Pro Hero.

Fat Gum is a stout, large, well-rounded man; his mouth is extensive, his nose is small, and his odd body proportions make him look weird.

After burning fat, Taishiro is quite muscular, and his body adapts to the usual proportions.

Taishiro often feels hungry, which causes him to eat a lot. He is friendly with civilians and other heroes, appearing to be playful and carefree. However, he is earnest when the situation calls for it, always having the work ethic of a hero.

Taishiro is a kind man who prioritizes helping and saving people first. He cares deeply for the happiness of others, especially those he cares for; that’s why he becomes very angry when bad guys threaten other people’s lives.

His hero costume consists of black pants and an orange hood, with a zipper, with the initials of his alias in front of Fat Gum, written in a clear F, G, and F inverted, and a mask worn around the eyes and on the forehead. You can use your favorite colors in place of Fat Gum.

Choose images that you love and help him become more new and unique. You can explore more My Hero Academia coloring pages to collect more of your favorite characters from the My Hero Academia anime.

Have fun exploring, enjoy, and feel free to express your creativity right now. Have fun!

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