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Last Updated: November 23, 2023

We will present the latest collection of Freddy Fazbear coloring pages in this article. This is the main character of the popular video game series Five Night At Freddy’s. All coloring pages are used in various fun activities and are free to download, print, or share as much as you like.

Coming to this collection, you will encounter Freddy Fazbear in a classic appearance with friendly or iconic fierce expressions. Some pages will depict Freddy Fazbear and other characters in the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series, such as the naughty chicken Chica, the unpredictable rabbit Bonnie, and the elusive pirate Foxy.

No matter what type of coloring page you choose, your child will have fun creatively coloring their favorite cartoon character. If your child is young, choose simple coloring pages with few details. For older children, choose more complex ones.

Once you find the right coloring page, you can print or download it. If you print the coloring pages, ensure you have good-quality printing paper.

When you have printed or downloaded the coloring page, start coloring. All pages are standard A4 size and the same format.

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5 Exciting Activities With Free Freddy Fazbear Coloring Pages            

The Freddy Fazbear coloring sheets are a versatile resource that can be used for various purposes. They are a great way for children to learn, create, and have fun.

Refer to the suggestions below to get the most out of coloring pages!

Create A Freddy Fazbear Pen Holder

Start this fun game by giving children printable Freddy Fazzbear coloring sheets. Children can choose a variety of coloring materials to color the printable pages.

Use materials such as cardboard boxes or cartons to create a pen holder. You can cut and fold the paper to the desired size and shape.

Then, paste colored images of Freddy Fazbear on the box’s surface to create emphasis and decoration. You can also add details, such as decals, metals, or colored tape, to add uniqueness to the pen box.

Surely, this unique pen holder will make your child extremely excited and proud to show it off to friends.


Many Freddy Fazbear coloring sheets on Coloringpagesonly.com can be used to illustrate scenes from stories.

This website offers high-quality coloring pages for the Five Nights at Freddy’s theme, helping you create scenes and images that fit your story’s or comic’s content.

After selecting and printing the pages, let your child color them. Finally, children can use their imagination to retell the story surrounding the images on the coloring page.

You can organize a storytelling competition among different groups of children to stimulate their creativity.

Decorate A Christmas Tree

You can creatively use Freddy Fazbear’s coloring sheets to create a unique and memorable Christmas tree.

First, choose the Christmas-themed coloring pages you want to use. Once you have chosen the coloring pages, fill them out to your liking.

You should use bright and cheerful colors to create a vibrant Christmas tree. When you’re done coloring, cut them out into different shapes.

You can cut them into circles, stars, or any other shape. Finally, glue the shapes anywhere on the Christmas tree you want.

Design A Rolling Ball Maze Game

Kids can transform characters from the famous Five Night At Freddy’s video game into a rolling ball maze. This game helps children develop fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and coordination.

Children choose and color pages with portraits of Freddy Fazbear or many other characters in the game. Then, cut the coloring page into a small rectangle and glue it to the pre-cut cardboard.

Next, glue small cardboard pieces around to form a rectangular box, then color and decorate it to form the outer shell of the toy machine.

You puncture 3-4 round holes inside and the paper into a sphere to form small balls. Finally, you have the simple Labyrinth Toysem machine. Children can slowly roll the balls into the hole and complete their exciting game.

You can add obstacles to the maze, such as walls, corners, or curves. This will make the game more challenging.

Play The Game Of Finding Pictures

This game will surely make many children love it. Start a fun activity by hiding a Freddy Fazbear coloring page around the room.

You can hide it anywhere, such as under a chair, behind a picture, or in a closet. Then, let your child be the player to search.

Divide players into small groups and ask each group to find a coloring page. Other players can give the searcher clues about the coloring page’s location, such as “it’s near the door” or “it’s up high”.

The first player to find the coloring page will be the winner. You can also customize the game according to your preferences.

You can use Freddy Fazbear coloring sheets in a variety of activities. When coloring, let children be creative. We encourage children to work together on coloring projects, promoting teamwork and creativity.

If you have more new ideas and suggestions, please send them to us via Facebook and Pinterest. We always want to receive your feedback to improve the website and bring more benefits to users. 

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