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Last Updated: April 9, 2024

We created this unique collection of 24 Lei Day coloring pages to celebrate the beauty and culture of Hawaii. These coloring pages will transport you to a tropical paradise where you can design your own beautiful wreaths.

May 1st is Lei Day, a vibrant day filled with bright flowers and street music. Wreaths take center stage. They are symbols of Aloha, the love and respect exchanged with friends and visitors alike. Each Hawaiian island has its own flowers and colors when combined with the wreath worn on Lei Day.

Even if you can’t make it to Hawaii on this day, you can still experience the spirit of joy and brilliance by coloring our pages. You will find beautiful traditional wreaths from various flowers, such as hibiscus, plum blossoms, and orchids. Some pages illustrate scenes of girls or hula dancers in full costumes decorated with colorful flower wreaths.

Not only adults but also children can unleash their creativity with crayons while learning about this cherished holiday. They help children focus on details and develop creativity, concentration, motor skills, and color recognition. Whatever your artistic skills or preferences, you’re sure to choose a coloring page that sparks creativity and celebrates the spirit of Aloha.

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6 Exciting Activities By Using Lei Day Coloring Pages

Lei Day coloring sheets can make fun craft ideas to celebrate Hawaiian traditions. You can refer to the suggestions below for combining coloring with endless creative possibilities.

Design A Lei Garland

Lei Day is a festival full of color and fragrance. This is a time for everyone to celebrate the Hawaiian lei tradition. You can celebrate this upcoming holiday by creating a unique wreath from coloring pages.

You’ll print coloring pages with illustrations of flower petals and wreaths that are clear and easy to cut. Use the color tool to add color to your images. You can combine multiple colors for each flower to create a vibrant wreath.

After coloring, cut each flower out individually. Punch a hole in the middle of the stamen to make it easier to string the wreath. You thread each flower onto the string until you have a complete wreath. You can wear or decorate it in your home to celebrate Lei Day.

Lei day coloring pages craft 11

Make A Flower Basket

Just like making a wreath, creating a flower basket from Lei Day-themed coloring pages doesn’t have to be complicated for kids. You will need two white plastic plates to make the basket. Print coloring pages that feature images of flowers, wreaths, or leaf details.

You will cut out the flowers and leaves individually. Cut a plastic disc in half and glue it to another plastic disc. Be sure to glue on both sides and subtract the top to create a bag. Arrange and glue the flowers and leaves onto the plastic plate individually, as shown below.

You can cut a heart shape and punch a hole in the top of the basket to string the hanging string.

Lei day coloring pages craft 2

Create Decorative Decals

Create decorative decals with Lei Day-themed coloring pages that will transform your home into a vibrant and tropical Hawaiian space. First, choose and print coloring pages with your favorite images.

You can color online or use markers to add vibrant colors to the images. Coating with a transparent adhesive sheet or plastic laminate will make the images durable, waterproof, and difficult to tear.

You need to cut the images along the outline and tape the back of each cutout. Finally, you have the decal you want. To use, just peel off the tape and stick it on the cabinet, desk, wall, or any surface.

Lei day coloring pages Redbubble 1

Image source: Redbubble.

Make Standee

You can preserve the beautiful moments of Lei Day by taking commemorative photos with homemade standees. The way to implement this idea is extremely simple.

You will choose to print images of girls wearing necklaces or halu dancers dancing traditional Lei Day dances in size A0 or A1. Color them in vibrant tones, true to the spirit of this Hawaiian cultural holiday. Please note that you print images on thick, stiff paper.

Then, cut out the shapes after completing the coloring step. You will glue the cutout onto a piece of foam or other cardboard to create a base for the standees to stand on. Finally, a face shape should be cut out on the standee so people can pose for photos. You can refer to the illustration below to visualize how to do it better.

Lei day coloring pages craft 3

Decorate A Party

You’ll print out our Lei Day-themed images to get your ideas started. Color the details with available tools. Cut out colored images one by one and paste them on the position that needs decoration.

Add many other elements to create a joyful and brilliant atmosphere for Lei Day. Combining coloring pages and party decorations will create a memorable experience on your next day of celebrating Hawaiian culture. Guests will also be impressed by the colorful and creative decoration.

Lei day coloring pages craft 4

Design A Greeting Card

Our coloring pages are perfect for creating unique and meaningful Lei Day greeting cards. You can choose images of ancient flower wreaths, dancers dancing traditional dances, or girls wearing Lei bracelets.

Coloring online before printing is also a good suggestion if you have a color printer. Cut a sheet of thick paper to the desired size for the card. You will paste the images cut from the coloring page onto the card. You can refer to the decoration method shown below. Let the glue dry, and write a message or message on the back of the card to send to the recipient.

A card to congratulate you on your Lei Day is completed. Indeed, the recipient will appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness on Lei Day or any special occasion.

Lei day coloring pages craft 5

We have come to the end of our adventure exploring Lei Day coloring pages. Remember, our coloring pages are just the beginning. You can use it to create unique and exciting crafts. So, keep your creativity flowing with our various coloring page collections.

We constantly update and add new designs according to trends. Therefore, please visit the website regularly to avoid missing the most exciting things.

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