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In the Lol Surprise Doll series, there are many dolls characters, here you can meet twenty four main doll characters such as Glitter Queen, Queen Bee, Cosmic Queen, Fancy, Fresh, Majorette, Teacher's Pet, Cheer Captain, Rocker, Diva, M.C. Swag, Merbaby, Baby Cat, Super B.B., Surfer Babe,Hoops MVP, Roller Sk8ter, Line Dancer, Sis Swing, Center Stage, Royal High-Ney, Leading Baby, Miss Baby. Each cutey is described with her outfit and catch phrase. Her club, a group of dolls that are similarly styled, and rarity (yes, fewer numbers of some dolls are produced) are also shown. There were only 8 clubs in Series 1. There are currently two types of LOL dolls in Series 1: Tots (also called big sisters) and LiL Sisters. Tots are the super cute dolls seen in most unboxing videos. Little sisters are the baby sisters of the tots. Hope that you get the perfect time here.