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Lol Surprise Doll Coloring Pages

Last Updated: July 26, 2023

 Lol Surprise Dolls have taken the toy industry by storm, captivating children and adults alike with charm and excitement. But did you know that you can bring these dolls to life even more through coloring? Watch your child’s eyes light up excitedly as they bring their favorite Lol coloring pages to life with vibrant colors. With over 50 unique pages to choose from, each one more enchanting than the last, your child will always have creative adventures.

Why Do Kids Love Lol Surprise Dolls So Much?

Lol Surprise dolls are known for their unique unboxing experience. Each doll comes wrapped in multiple layers, and kids get to peel off each layer to reveal surprises, such as accessories, stickers, and mini collectibles. This element of surprise and anticipation adds an exciting and interactive element to the toy.   

Lol Surprise dolls come in various series and collections, each featuring different dolls and themes. This collectibility factor encourages kids to keep collecting and trading dolls to complete their sets, fostering a sense of achievement and excitement with each new addition. The dolls’ small and portable size makes them easy for kids to carry around and play with on the go. They are also perfect for imaginative play scenarios, as kids can create miniature worlds and stories with their LoL Surprise dolls.

The dolls are designed with cute and colorful outfits, hairstyles, and accessories, instantly attracting kids’ attention. The variety of doll characters and their unique personalities appeal to different tastes and preferences. LoL Surprise dolls have become popular among kids as they offer social play and bonding opportunities. Children often enjoy trading or playing with friends, sharing their excitement about the surprises they uncover in each doll.

The Lol Surprise brand has garnered significant attention through advertisements, social media, and YouTube unboxing videos. This exposure has contributed to the dolls’ popularity and created a desire among kids to own and experience the surprise element. Unwrapping the layers and discovering the surprises within gives kids a sense of ownership over their dolls. They feel like they have something special that is uniquely theirs, which can boost their confidence and sense of responsibility.

Top Best Lol Coloring Pages

Lol Suprise Dolls coloring pages are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young children who love dolls’ cute and collectible nature. They depict various doll characters with unique personalities, styles, and themes. Others feature accessories such as shoes, bags, hats, and themed backgrounds related to the series or doll collection. Children can choose their favorite dolls to color and bring them to life with their favorite colors.

Lol Suprise Doll Unicorn Girl

The coloring page has a charming Lol Surprise doll with a unicorn theme. The doll wears a magical unicorn-inspired outfit, surrounded by whimsical elements that reflect her unicorn theme. She has big eyes, a distinctive expression, and a cute smile. She wears a colorful and sparkly unicorn-inspired outfit with a horn headband or hood. Her outfit can include pastel colors, rainbow patterns, and magical heart or star accents, adding to her glamorous look. You can refer to this description to choose colors to color this cute doll.Lol Suprise Doll Unicorn Girl Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Unicorn Girl Coloring Page

Glass Lol Surprise Doll

You can admire an adorable Lol Surprise doll wearing fashionable glasses. Her hair is tied in a bun, wearing a trendy outfit that shows off her unique style and personality. Lol Surprise doll has big eyes, raises her hand, and waves happily and friendly. As kids add their favorite colors and create stylish outfits, they can express their creativity and design a doll that reflects their style. This coloring sheet will be an exciting and rewarding experience for kids who love Lol Surprise Dolls and have an eye for fashion and sophistication.Glass Lol Surprise Doll Coloring Page

Glass Lol Surprise Doll Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Jitterbug

Jitterbug is a popular Lol Surprise doll known for her colorful hair and playful personality. She is an excellent character to color and will bring hours of enjoyment to children of all ages. Jitterbug is depicted with large eyes, characteristic expression, and a bright, cheerful smile that exudes an energetic spirit. She wears a fun and playful outfit that showcases her bubbly personality, with colors and patterns matching her name. Her dress is pink and purple with a rainbow pattern. You can use this description to bring Jitterbug dolls to life.Lol Suprise Doll Jitterbug Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Jitterbug Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Supergirl

The coloring page depicts the famous LoL Surprise doll dressed as Supergirl, a fictional superheroine from the DC Comics universe. Supergirl is known for her red cape, blue suit, and golden boots. She is also known for her strength, courage, and flying ability. This doll is depicted with characteristic large round eyes. She is in a very upright position. You can rely on the description of the super girl to turn this LoL Surprise Doll into an attractive character to the opposite person.Lol Suprise Doll Supergirl Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Supergirl Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Coconut

Coconut is a Lol Surprise doll released in the 2023 Coconut Q.T. series. She is a 3-inch doll with a coconut-shaped head and a body covered in different shades of brown. She has big brown eyes and a pink mouth. This coloring page depicts Coconut with big eyes, characteristic expression, and a cute smile, exuding a sunny and friendly nature. On top of this doll is a wreath of flowers. This coloring sheet will be an entertaining experience for kids who love Coconut and all things beach and tropical.Lol Suprise Doll Coconut Coloring Page

Lol Suprise Doll Coconut Coloring Page

How To Draw Lol Suprise Dolls

Lol Surprise is a fun and unique toy theme for kids. They are also very cute and suitable for drawing or coloring. We have created How To Draw Lol Surprise Doll with simple yet beautiful strokes. The surprise doll that we chose had a lovely mane on its head. The girl wears a personality outfit with a crop top, short shorts, and roller skates. Children can draw pictures according to our instructions and color according to their preferences. Coloring and painting activities will bring children many exciting experiences.


With the growing popularity of Lol Surprise Dolls, there is plenty of coloring online options for finding printable pages. Parents can easily find various designs featuring different dolls, accessories, and backgrounds that will keep their little ones engaged and excited. So why not give your child the opportunity to unleash their creativity? You can download and print some Lol coloring pages as many as you like. You can explore more Toys and Dolls coloring pages, such as Teddy Bear, Monster High, Barbie Horse or Gacha Life.

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