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Let’s experience the exciting things in life from the adventures of the kind girl Pippi through the Pippi Longstocking coloring pages below.

Pippi is a 9-year-old girl with carrot-red hair braided in two braids, a nose like a tiny potato, and a face full of freckles. The girl herself made the ridiculously bright yellow dress. The little girl has thin legs and wears a pair of long socks with one plaid and the other jet black, always wearing a pair of big shoes. Under the nose are a wide mouth and white teeth. Pippi is powerful, can gently carry a horse, and quickly knock down an athlete or tame sharks, bison, and lions.

Pippi is cheerful, optimistic, and innocent, with a smile that never stops on her lips. Pippi has four best friends, a horse, a monkey, and Tommy and Annika neighborhood kids. Pippi is a strange but very generous and kind child, unafraid to help others when she feels the need to do something. Little Pippi is ready to fight with athletes, bad guys, pythons, and sharks to save everyone.

Pippi is an accomplished storyteller with a wild and vivid imagination. Pippi will be a great source of inspiration for the little ones. Collect Pippi Longstocking coloring sheets and let the kids unleash their creativity like little Pippi. Pippi’s stories always come from many parts of the world, and it all seems to be her imagination, very cute.

Pippi is a great friend; add Pippi Longstocking coloring sheets to your baby’s collection so that she can learn the precious qualities of this particular girl, this innocent, cheerful, clear, and lovely Pippi. Have fun!

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