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The story of Disney’s Southeast Asian princess will be portrayed in Raya and The Last Dragon coloring pages. Raya and The Last Dragon is set in Kumandra, a vast area where dragons and humans can coexist and live harmoniously. However, this good life is disrupted by an evil force that can turn humans and dragons to stone. The last remaining dragons in this great battle finally combined their power in a dragon ball and entrusted the power to the most miniature dragon to destroy that evil force. Five hundred years later, Kumandra is no longer a large country. Kumandra is divided into five sub-states named after the parts of the dragon, starting with Talon, Heart, Fang, Spine, and Tail. The heart is the country where Raya was born as well as the home of the dragon ball. But for some reason, the dragon ball that stored the protective power of the dragons fell and split, causing witchcraft to reappear and spread in many different countries. Raya’s mission is to find a way to rescue her land.

The cartoon Raya and The Last Dragon has an exciting story. In addition to the rich cultural image close to Indonesia and the countries in Southeast Asia, this film also presents a compelling adventure story. Children desire to discover Southeast Asia’s cultural beauties through Raya and The Last Dragon coloring pages.

We have compiled, designed, and redrawn the fantastic paintings of Raya and The Last Dragon. Parents and children can select, download and print to have beautiful pictures on the paper. We are preparing lots of crayons and coloring to create vivid pictures. Disney’s story is quite a lot, and each character has its beauty. We are discovering more fun Disney coloring pages like Rapunzel, Elena of Avalor Coloring Pages, Lilo, and Stitch Coloring Pages. They are available here. https://coloringpagesonly.com. Now join us to color and learn the exciting beauties of the pictures!

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