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Last Updated: October 24, 2023

Exploring a World of Creative Fun through Shopkins Coloring Sheets for Kids

Kids will have many opportunities to experiment with our more than 400 fun Shopkins Coloring Pages. These coloring pages will leave a deep impression on both boys and girls. Please visit and choose from many satisfactory coloring pages to prepare for your child’s exciting coloring activities!

Shopkins is a popular and famous toy line around the world. They are small in size and made from plastic or rubber. These toys are mainly taken from life topics, cartoon characters, etc. People design Shopkins to create miniature worlds because any object can be made into Shopkins.

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We have drawn and designed adorable and fun Shopkin Coloring Pages for kids. With simple objects, they are transformed into cute Shopkins and are suitable for kids. All coloring pages are free and quality. Therefore, kids can choose any coloring pages they like to print and be creative with them.

Cheeky Chocolate Shopkin Season 1:

The coloring page depicts Cheeky Chocolate, a beloved character from Season 1 of Shopkins. Cheeky Chocolate is characterized by its rich brown hue, cheerful countenance, and a hint of mischievousness in its expression. Cheeky Chocolate’s design resembles the chocolate bar’s packaging, with a delightful chocolate-themed pattern gracing both the front and back. Feel free to infuse the character with personality by giving its eyes eyelashes or eyebrows. When coloring Cheeky Chocolate, kids can utilize an array of brown shades to bring the chocolate bar wrapper to life. Don’t forget to add a touch of vibrant color to Cheeky Chocolate’s eyes and accessories for a truly engaging coloring experience.

Cheeky Chocolate Shopkin Season 1 Coloring Page

Cheeky Chocolate Shopkin Season 1 Coloring Page

Honeeey Shopkins Season 2:

Let’s prepare to satisfy your sweet tooth with the next set of Shopkins characters inspired by the delectable honey jar. These adorable characters come from Season 2. Honeeey’s design beautifully captures the essence of a typical honey jar, complete with a little stirrer perched on top. With its endearing eyes and joyful expression, Honey exudes a warm and inviting charm. When coloring the Honey picture, kids can embrace a bright yellow palette to bring the honey jar to life. They can introduce shades of brown or amber to illustrate the Honey oozing from the bottle. Additionally, kids can freely create and color with their favorite.

Honeeey Shopkins Season 2 Coloring PageHoneeey Shopkins Season 2 Coloring Page

Shopkins Shoppies:

Within the enchanting world of Shopkins, you’ll discover a delightful cast of human characters known as Shoppies. Rainbow Kate is an excellent example to add your colors to! This adorable Shoppie lives up to her name, boasting a vibrant and beautiful appearance. Her face is adorned with expressive and endearing features, including oversized, sparkling eyes, a warm smile, and perhaps even a rosy blush on her cheeks. With her arms outstretched, she exudes an aura of excitement and joy. At the lower part of the page, you’ll also find two other Shopkins figures, each inspired by delicious foods, casting curious glances in Rainbow Kate’s direction. This promises to be one of this collection’s most vivid and colorful pages!

Shopkins Shoppies Coloring PageShopkins Shoppies Coloring Page

Handbag Harriet Shopkins Season 4:

Harriet is the handbag-themed character and a beloved figure from Shopkins Season 4. Harriet’s handbag exudes cuteness and fashion-forward charm, featuring elegant handles and a cheerful smile. Harriet handbags are renowned for their fashionable accessories, including bows or other jewelry pieces, enhancing their overall luxurious appeal. When coloring the Harriet Shopkins, your child can unleash their creativity by using a variety of colors to accentuate the handbag and its accompanying accessories. Additionally, kids can color bright and lively colors into Harriet’s eyes, her engaging smile, her bag, and any other delightful accessories she might sport.

Handbag Harriet Shopkins Season 4 Coloring Page

Handbag Harriet Shopkins Season 4 Coloring Page

Shopkins Season Limited Edition 7:

In this picture, you’ll be delighted to see a character presented in a charming flowerpot motif. Adorning the upper part of the pot are numerous exquisite flowers. This delightful character hails from Season 7 and appears brimming with joy, its eyes gently narrowed and its mouth adorned with a cheerful smile. When coloring the Flower Pot Shopkins pages, kids are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild, crafting vibrant and distinctive characters inspired by flowers and pots.

Shopkins Season Limited Edition 7 Coloring PageShopkins Season Limited Edition 7 Coloring Page

How To Draw Shopskins

As a renowned toy brand that has captured the world’s attention, countless individuals are passionate about discovering the art of drawing Shopkins. In the video below, We will suggest How to draw Shopkins. The step-by-step instructions are created to be understandable for kids. Regarding drawing and coloring Shopkins, there are no strict rules to follow. Kids have the freedom to let their creativity run wild, enabling them to craft their very own distinctive designs. So, take a moment to unwind and create with pictures.


The Coloring Pages Shopkins are created to provide children with an enjoyable and captivating experience. These pages inspire kids to harness their imaginations and artistic abilities. Whether kids like a particular season, character, or collection, selecting coloring pages aligned with one’s interests enhances the overall delight of the coloring adventure.

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