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Explore Yoohoo and Friends Coloring Pages to step into the fairy forest and meet adorable creatures right now.

YooHoo & Friends is about five executives who work for Nasty Corp. When Mother Nature notices they’ve been slowly destroying the world, she pressures Father Time to stop them from polluting the Earth by turning them into five cuddly baby animals. Together, Lemmee the sourpuss, Roodee the inventor, Pammee the princess, Chewoo the optimist, and YooHoo the leader save the world from all the environmental disasters they caused as their human-selves, in return for the gemstones Father Time planted in the locations they visit. When all of the gems are found, the Furry 5 can make a wish to become human again.

Join the adventure of YooHoo and friends by downloading or printing YooHoo and friends coloring pages and coloring them; unique colors will adorn YooHoo and his lovely friends.

Isn’t it great to color these adorable little ones? What colors will be for them? Choose your favorite color to help YooHoo and friends become more lively and vibrant. Choose from even more coloring pages at Cartoons coloring pages for fun and unique coloring pages. Have fun with crayons right now. Have fun!

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