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Creating Encanto Drawing through video

Do you want to create Encanto drawings? Encanto is a new animated film from Disney, which tells the story of a unique family in Colombia with special supernatural powers. The film has attracted the attention of many audiences and has been highly appreciated for its quality of content and graphics. If you love the movie Encanto and want to find out how to draw the characters, check out the Encanto drawing tutorial video below.

We made Encanto drawing tutorial video, which includes detailed, easy-to-understand instructions and simple. Let’s watch our video and determine the necessary drawing tools.

We choose the image of little Mirabel, cute, simple, and attractive to children. Let’s create Mirabel encanto drawing! Mirabel is the film’s main character; she has changed from a self-deprecating person to a more courageous and confident person. Mirabel’s image will also bring children many meaningful lessons. Mirabel has many features, such as short black hair, large eyes, and round glasses. All those characteristic features will be drawn in the picture.

It is a fun and entertaining activity; drawing helps you develop imagination and creativity skills. In addition, drawing also enables you to improve your concentration and creativity. Drawing is a fun and exciting activity not only for children but also for adults. In addition to bringing joy and creativity, drawing has many benefits for children’s development.


How to draw Encato? Encanto drawing videos will be suitable for children of all ages, so instead of sending children to drawing classes, parents can introduce children to instructional videos. The drawing also helps children develop skills in how to use drawing tools such as pencils, crayons, and watercolors, etc. It helps children learn how to use these tools effectively to create beautiful and impressive work. When children draw pictures, they must learn to arrange details, make sense of balance and harmony in work, and help children develop creativity, imagination, and meticulousness.

In addition, drawing helps children develop social skills and build self-confidence. When children complete a picture, they will feel proud of their work and want to share it with others. This helps children develop communication, social interaction, and self-confidence.

We can explore many special Disney characters and practice drawing Frozen, Mermaid, or Cinderella.

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