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How to draw and paint Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a cartoon of funny pigs. Characters in the film are pigs with humorous features. The development of the film is the humorous situations of Peppa Pig’s family that make the audience laugh. Most children love watching this cartoon. With a unique way of creating characters, Peppa Pig excites the audience with the character’s funny features. They are animals but live like humans. The bodies of the pigs are chubby; their limbs are small, and they walk on two legs and use objects like humans.

Peppa Pig is an exciting and suitable cartoon for children with simple stories and unique images. Characters in Peppa Pig are straightforward to create and draw, so we show how to draw Peppa Pig for kids; detailed instructions and operations will be shown in the video.

How to draw Peppa Pig? We selected a picture of Peppa and her mother to draw. The shape and characteristics of the pigs in this cartoon are the same. Children move the pencil across the paper to create simple lines and shapes. Children 5 years old can imitate our video tutorials and practice drawing.

First, we will draw the long head and big nose, then the eyes and wide mouth. Then draw the body of the pig. Peppa’s mom wears a skirt, so we can make a triangle from the head we drew. Then draw the legs and arms. Similar to Peppa’s shape, we will also draw the same steps. But since Peppa’s body is smaller than mom’s, we’ll draw Peppa’s body smaller. After sketching the picture of 2 characters, we chose colors and colored the picture. Children can choose bright colors such as pink, yellow, red, and blue to color the characters, shirts, pants, skirts, etc.

Coloring activities will give children valuable experiences in holding a pen, drawing, and coloring. This is also a method of education and character orientation for children.

Our website also has many coloring pages for kids to choose, download and color. All the diverse coloring pages are constantly updated by us here. We hope you and your child will find it helpful to experiment with activities and to paint with us.

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