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Meet the scowling red feathered bird Red and friends on our free printable Angry Birds Movie coloring pages below.

Angry Birds 2 is the journey of Birds and Pigs, two creatures with an implacable vendetta, fighting each other every day, and now suddenly have to join hands to fight the dangerous enemy, the poisonous Zeta evil in Dai Bang Island. This reluctant journey has made the two species understand and love each other more and created a special bond.

Angry Birds 2 Movie funny, playful, and suitable for all ages is a movie that, behind each character, also contains valuable lessons for those who have seen it.

Collect pictures of the adorable characters from Angry Birds 2 now and color your favorite characters. Each character has a mission to convey a special message of their own. Each character has a special talent, Courtney is funny, Chuck is quick, Bomb is healthy, Red is full of courage, and Silver is always ready to express himself, confident in what he has.

Everyone is special in their way. Which bird do you think resembles you the most? Which character will you be in “Angry Birds”?

Discover more exciting images of characters from the game of the same name in our free Angry Birds coloring pages. Have fun exploring, enjoying, and freely expressing your creativity now. Have fun!

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