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Last Updated: March 11, 2024

Get ready to unleash your creativity with our latest collection of 57 free April 2024 coloring pages. This year, we designed images for children and adults.

Spring is coming, and April showers bring lush flower gardens and create lots of fun coloring activities. You will discover the beauty of spring with flowers and funny animals. Color in your way with cute bunny and egg-shaped mandala designs with an Octave of Easter theme. Children can raise awareness for our planet with Earth and environmental-themed images and messages.

This newly added collection will also find beautiful April calendar designs with April Fool’s Day symbols. The coloring pages can be used in the classroom or as fun activities at home for creative ideas.

Get your coloring tools ready, and let your imagination run wild as you bring our exciting designs to life on the page. We’ve covered you, from simple images for preschoolers to explore their creativity to intricately detailed coloring pages to challenge older children and adults!

Are you ready to color some of these April 2024 printables? Please scroll down the page to explore our free printable coloring sheets. When you find a design you like, click the image or link below to download and print.


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7 Exciting Activities We Can Do With Free Printable April 2024 Coloring Pages

Not just children coloring is an activity for all ages. They are also a fun way for people of all ages to unwind, feel less stressed, and get creative. April has a springtime feel to it and a lot of meaningful holidays. Here are some fun things you can do with these themed coloring pages.

Design A Greeting Card

April has many festivals. You can use the printable April coloring sheets to create a greeting card to send to a friend or relative for an anniversary like a birthday or other holidays.

First, you will choose your favorite designs suitable for the anniversary, such as spring flowers or animals. Use vibrant colors and add some details to make the photo stand out.

After coloring, cut the images out of the page and glue them to the front of a blank card. Write a sincere message inside the card and decorate it with glitter or a tag like the image below.

April 2024 coloring pages craft5

Decorate An Easter Party

In this year, Easter will fall at the end of March, but its Octave week will be in April. You can use the holiday illustrations in this collection to decorate the anniversary party.

We have rabbits and Easter eggs with clear and beautiful designs. You can choose to print and color them to your liking. Once you’re done coloring, cut out the images to stick to the wall, create bunting, or decorate placemats or seating.

By incorporating colored designs into your Easter party decorations, you can add creativity and personality to delight guests of all ages.

April 2024 coloring pages craft11

Turn Into Stickers

For this idea, you choose the printable coloring pages of April that you want to turn into stickers. You will choose designs that are not too complicated because small details do not fit well with stickers.

You need printable sticker paper. Before cutting the stickers, color them with your favorite tool and tone. Once cut, peel off the back of each sticker to reveal the sticky side.

To ensure the sticker is more durable, laminate it or spray a layer of transparent glue before cutting it. Now, our free April coloring designs have been turned into stickers. You can comfortably stick it on notebooks, computers, water bottles or any surface you like.

Make A Bookmark

This activity is suitable for children or adults who are passionate about reading. You can make your reading experience more enjoyable with a unique bookmark design that you create yourself.

Choose a free printable April-themed page, including images of spring flowers, cute animals, Easter designs, or Earth Day. Crop the following images after coloring.

You can cut it into squares, circles, or rectangles like the samples below. To create sturdiness, you will glue this cropped image onto a cardboard cut into a rectangle that fits it.

Laminating bookmarks with plastic prevents water absorption and tearing. Finally, poke a hole at the top of each bookmark, thread the string through, and tie it into a bow.

April 2024 coloring pages craft12

Create Puzzles

In addition to craft ideas, you can create engaging games with our free April-themed printables. You will choose designs with precise details and print them on cardstock.

After coloring, use scissors to cut out irregular shapes to create puzzle pieces. You can laminate the pieces to make them sturdy and avoid water absorption. Mix them up and challenge your child to assemble the puzzle.

We believe this idea can bring hours of fun entertainment and stimulate the memory, concentration and color recognition abilities of all participants.

Notes On April’s Plan

This is a creative and engaging way to plan April activities. You will choose to print the free April calendars for free in cardboard. Decorate the calendar with colors, glitter, or stickers with the same theme.

Think about all the things you want to accomplish in April. This includes birthday events, anniversaries or trips, exercise routines or new projects.

Write your plans directly on the coloring page for each day of April. Use the back to create detailed notes.

You can choose colors for different categories, like red for events and green for goals. Tape your April planner into a blank notebook or hang it on the wall so you can see it clearly whenever you need it.

April 2024 coloring pages craft

Create Collaborative Mural

Our collection of free printable coloring sheets for April has many themes for this idea. You will choose a favorite theme and print the coloring pages on several large sheets of paper, such as A0 or A1.

Glue the papers together to create a large mural like the image below. You will prepare coloring tools such as colored pencils, watercolors or crayons.

Each participant will color a page individually or together; they will color a significant page. Encourage everyone to use vibrant colors to express the spring atmosphere.

Once completed, remember to take photos and share the mural on social networks to spread joy and creativity to many others.

April 2024 coloring pages craft4

These activity ideas using free April-themed printables can be customized based on the complexity and age group of participants. They will bring proper fun, relaxation and learning to children and adults.

Take this passion and creativity to our other accessible coloring collections. We are constantly updating and adding new trends, so remember to visit regularly so you do not miss the most exciting designs.

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