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Last Updated: June 12, 2024

We just finished updating our collection of basketball coloring pages with 65 unique designs for all ages. From scoring, dribbling, and throwing poses to detailed images of basketball players and equipment, you’ll find your favorite pictures to unleash creativity.

Basketball is a sport with a long history and global influence. Established in 1891 by James Naismith – a P.E. teacher, basketball has developed over a century. It has become an indispensable part of the sporting life of millions of people around the world. From dramatic NBA matches to top international tournaments, basketball always brings fans intense emotions and memorable moments. And coloring basketball is a fun way to express your love and passion for this sport.

This collection of basketball-themed coloring pages provides entertaining and educational activities that help develop children’s creativity, logical thinking, and fine motor skills. Let your imagination soar and create unique works of art by taking advantage of these coloring images!

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Criteria For Choosing The Best Basketball Coloring Pictures Of All Ages

To provide the best basketball coloring experience for all ages, we have selected pictures based on the following criteria:

Diverse Topics

Our collection of 65 basketball coloring pictures is diverse in theme and guaranteed to please basketball fans of all ages and levels. You will find paintings recreating moments in basketball matches, from powerful dunks and decisive 3-point shots to dramatic duels. These pictures will make you feel like you are living in the exciting atmosphere of a real match. 

Our collection also cannot lack portraits of world-famous basketball stars such as Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan. You can color your idols and show your admiration for them. In addition, the collection also includes paintings of symbols and logos of famous basketball teams. These are iconic paintings and would make meaningful gifts for basketball fans.

Suitable For All Ages

Each person has a different level and preference for coloring. Therefore, our collection of basketball coloring sheets is designed to suit all ages. 

For young children, simple and recognizable drawings such as balls, basketball boards, soccer fields, and players in a stationary position will be suitable. We design more detailed drawings for older children, such as players performing ball throwing, dunks, or dribbling movements. 

Drawings of player portraits, team symbols, or dramatic football scenes will be suitable for those who have experience in coloring and want to challenge themselves. In addition, we also have paintings in many different styles, from funny cartoons to detailed realistic depictions. This helps everyone find paintings that suit their interests and personal style.

High Image Quality

We always put image quality first when designing our basketball coloring sheet collection. All pages are painted digitally with high resolution, showing details clearly and realistically. When printed, the lines, patterns, and small details on the picture will be displayed, making it easy for colorists to recognize and color. This is especially important for highly complex paintings. 

High-quality images will help the painting become more vivid and beautiful after coloring. Colors will be standard, and details will stand out, creating a complete work of art. You can also print large-sized pictures to decorate your room, give them as gifts, or use them for other creative activities.

Educational Values

Basketball coloring is entertaining and brings many educational and creative values. By coloring pictures depicting movements such as throwing a ball, dunking, or dribbling, colorists can better understand how to perform these techniques. This is especially useful for those who are new to basketball. 

Our collection also includes portraits of legendary players and symbols of famous football teams. Coloring these pictures will help you learn more about this sport’s development and cultural imprints. 

Coloring is an activity without limits. You can use any color or any style you like. This encourages creativity and helps you express your individuality. On the other hand, when you complete a painting, you will feel proud of your achievement and more motivated to continue creating. It also helps you relax and reduce stress. When you focus on coloring, you will forget the worries and troubles in life.


We hope this collection will help you express your love and passion for basketball in a creative and fun way. Each painting is an opportunity for you to express your own personality and aesthetic taste. Please share your coloring works with friends and relatives to spread the joy and love of basketball to everyone.

5 Fun Activities To Do With Basketball Coloring Pages

With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn your basketball coloring pages into unique and inspiring works of art!

Create A Wall Picture

Creating a mural printed with a basketball, your favorite players, or a basketball team logo is an exciting idea. They’re perfect for the bedroom, playroom, or even a classroom to inspire a love of games. 

I took inspiration from similar designs on Pinterest but adapted my version to suit the materials available and what works best for all ages. You will choose to print the coloring pages on thick paper. Then, color in the details on the page, including the background, to make the picture stand out. 

The next step is to glue the picture onto a wooden board, cardboard, or frame to create a work of art. Finally, hang the painting somewhere you’ll see it often for daily inspiration.

basketball coloring pages craft 1

Design A 3D Pop-Up Basketball Card

This project can be a fun activity or a unique gift for basketball fans. You choose a few basketball coloring pictures, including baskets, balls, and shooting positions of players. 

You print these coloring pages on cardstock for durability. Take turns filling the pages with your favorite colors. As shown below, you color the players black, the ball yellow, and the sneakers blue. Then, cut the details out of the page. 

You will fold a rectangular box to make the base of the card. You write a wish or message to the recipient on the box image. Finally, paste the cutout onto the rectangular box. You create appropriate folds in the cutouts to create a pop effect.

basketball coloring pages craft 2

Make A Poster

Following these steps, you’ll have an attractive basketball poster showing off your artistic skills and love of the sport. You can choose many favorite basketball-themed coloring pages on thick paper. 

They include basketball images, hoops, players, and other related elements. Use crayons, markers, or colored pencils for your chosen pictures. You should color the entire background to make the poster stand out. 

Once your poster is complete, find a great place to display it, such as on a wall or in a frame. You can also take it to cheer on your favorite basketball team.

basketball coloring pages craft 3 esty

Decorate A Sign

Creating a basketball-themed sign is not difficult, even for young children. As with other craft ideas, you choose a variety of basketball-related coloring pages. Following an example inspired by Pinterest, we chose an image of a basketball and a basketball net. Remember to print at a large size and use cardboard. 

After coloring, you will cut the colored details along the contour. The next step is to prepare another cardboard to paste the cutout on. This will make the sign more durable. If you want a glossy, professional finish, apply a coat of Mod Podge to the entire sign. This will protect your artwork and give it a polished look. Finally, you’ve created a vibrant, eye-catching, basketball-themed sign, perfect for any occasion.

basketball coloring pages craft 4

Make A Door Hanger

A unique basketball-themed door hanger will be perfect for anyone who is passionate about the sport. The method is similar to creating manual signs. As in our example, you must print images of hoops, baskets, and basketballs. Remember to print large and color the images with bright tones. 

To make a sturdy door hanger, you need to laminate the coloring page and cut out the colored details. Then, you glue the cut image to the cardboard and cut it again along the contour. 

You can draw the door hanger shape by hand or use a template. The shape usually consists of a rectangular body with a hole at the top for hanging on a door handle. If you want to add ribbon or string for extra decoration, punch a small hole in the top of the door hanger. Finally, thread the ribbon through the hole and tie the bow.

basketball coloring pages craft 5 esty

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