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Dive into the world of super cute superheroes through our Big Hero 6 coloring pages. Big Hero 6 is a superhero 3D animated film adapted from Marvel's Big Hero 6 comic series and produced by Walt Disney, and released in November 2014. The film is set in a city called San Fransokyo. It is the residence of the child prodigy Hiro Hamada, a young robotic genius, and his special friend Baymax. Created Baymax was to serve human health. One day Hiro's brother is lost in an accident, and the next, Hiro is attacked by a mysterious masked man with stolen bots of his creation. Hiro created combat tools for the superhero squad with Hiro's intelligence. Together they investigate the hidden man Kabuki, who stole Hiro's invention of microscopic bugs and averted a catastrophe for the city. Big Hero 6 is a beautiful animated movie that appeals to children of all ages and adults alike. With Baymax's cuteness, little ones will not pass up our free printable Big Hero 6 color sheets. Meet Hiro, Baymax, and other Big Hero 6 team members like GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred in our Big Hero 6 coloring pages below. A superhero theme is always appealing to kids; parents can collect more coloring sheets at the Cartoons coloring pages or Superhero Coloring Pages. There are many great pictures for little ones to have fun with colors. Have fun and be creative right now! See more Big Hero 6 and Dumbo coloring pages: How is the picture of cartoon characters in children’s eyes?
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