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Brave Coloring Pages

Welcome to Brave coloring pages with unique images of princess Merida and characters from the animated movie Brave.

Brave is Pixar’s first animated film in which a female protagonist is a princess. Merida’s shape is quite impressive with the highlight of curly red hair. This hair becomes more vibrant and prominent when appearing among the trees. Pixar’s first female protagonist represents unruly teenage girls who want to express themselves and don’t like following stereotypes. However, Merida is of royal lineage and has many difficulties deciding her fate. Merida’s story is like the first lesson for many girls before adulthood.

Brave is more about promoting family affection, girls’ maturity and sympathy, and sharing between generations.

Parents, please collect these Brave coloring sheets for kids to color. Brave will be an excellent coloring theme for little ones. Parents can collect more Merida coloring pages for girls; this princess with brilliant hair will excite the little ones.

These free coloring sheets will be an excellent opportunity for children to express their creativity. Children, pick up crayons and paint on your favorite characters. Have fun!

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