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Caillou coloring pages allow little ones to immerse themselves in a rich fantasy world with the delightful stories of the boy Caillou. Caillou is a Canadian children’s educational television series that focuses on a four-year-old boy Caillou, who is mesmerized by the world around him.

Caillou is an imaginative and dreamy four-year-old boy who loves transport machinery such as rocket ships and airplanes. Caillou especially loves her stuffed dinosaur, Rexy, teddy bear, Teddy, and pet cat Gilbert. Caillou has many adventures with his family and friends and uses his imagination in every episode. The little ones can use their imagination and experience the stories around Caillou’s daily life with parents, friends, and neighbors. Collect the Caillou coloring sheets below for children to color right away; their rich imagination can be seen through the colors they choose in the coloring activity.

Experiment with different themes and unleash your creativity in a world of color. We hope you will have a good time relaxing with our unique coloring pages. Have fun!

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