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Here are Corn and Peg coloring pages based on the Corn & Peg cartoon series for kids from Canada. Corn & Peg revolves around best friends, a blue unicorn named Corn and a pink Pegasus named Peg.

Corn and Peg were best friends, schoolmates, and inseparable since kindergarten and influenced by their favorite superhero and role model, Captain Thunderhoof. Corn and Peg are good-natured active people trying to make their town, Galloping Grove, a better place by helping anyone they can.

Let the kids pick up the crayons and help Corn and Peg become more attractive with the newest colors. The kids are sure to enjoy these cute and cuddly animals. You can explore more Pegasus coloring pages and Unicorn coloring pages to collect more unique coloring sheets for the kids to unleash their artistic creativity. All coloring pages are printable for free; collect the best coloring sheets now. Have fun!

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