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Last Updated: July 23, 2024

Enter the mystical kingdom of Auradon with the 65 newly updated Descendants coloring pages collection. This coloring set makes a great gift for fans of all ages who love the popular Disney movie.

Our coloring pages are inspired by the newly released movie Descendants: The Rise of Red, which will bring you exciting things. You can meet Red, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, who has bright red hair and a strong personality, and Chloe Charming, the daughter of Cinderella, who has a sweet but mysterious appearance.

Besides Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay in the previous part, you will meet attractive faces like Bridget, Captain Hook, Cinderella, and Uma in a new look. Each character has his own story, promising to bring you hours of exciting coloring. Download or print our latest coloring pages to share the fun of coloring Descendants with loved ones and create unique works of art together.

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Our Top Criteria For Creating Descendants Coloring Sheets

With commitments to quality and safety criteria, parents, teachers, and children can safely use our Descendants coloring sheets to unleash creativity and learning without worrying about any problems.

Creative And Unique

To create unique and attractive Descendants coloring pages, we focus on creative and unique elements. Each character is drawn meticulously, clearly showing distinct physical and personality characteristics. From eyes, expressions, and costumes to accessories, all are elaborated to bring the most realistic and vivid image of your favorite Descendants characters. 

The characters are presented in many different styles, from cute and funny cartoons to strong and personal personalities, suitable for children’s preferences. Vivid expressions: The characters’ expressions are expressed in various ways, from happiness and joy to worry and anger, helping children easily feel the emotions of each character in each scene.

The backgrounds in the Descendants coloring sheet are taken from various locations in the film, including the magnificent Auradon, the mysterious Lost Island, and the desolate Isle of the Lost. The coloring scenes are inspired by exciting and thrilling scenes in the movie Descendants, helping children review their favorite moments and reminisce about the story.

Suit For Many Ages

Our Descendants coloring sheets are designed to suit a wide range of audiences, meeting everyone’s diverse needs and interests. Children from 3 years old can start coloring simple Descendants characters with large images and clear lines. Older children can color more detailed pictures with different characters and settings.

The character images and backgrounds are designed to be suitable for both boys and girls, ensuring diversity and attraction for all children. Descendants coloring sheets can be used for extracurricular activities at school or play centers, helping children socialize, make friends, and develop coloring skills with friends. They are also meaningful gifts for children on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and International Children’s Day.

Creativity And Development

When coloring their favorite Descendants’ characters, children can be creative and imagine new stories and contexts. The details in the coloring pages, such as costumes, accessories, and backgrounds, will inspire children to create unique works of art. 

By coloring the details on the coloring page, children will practice their coloring, drawing, and color coordination skills in a harmonious way. In addition, the characters in Descendants teach children friendship, courage, hope, and love. We also offer creative craft activities that go with the Descendants coloring sheets.

Safe And Friendly

The images in our Descendants coloring pictures are taken from reputable sources such as Pinterest and the movie’s official YouTube video, ensuring high quality and safety for children. 

We always update the latest images from the latest part of the movie to give children the most exciting and realistic coloring experience. All images are carefully censored to ensure safety for children and age appropriateness.

For coloring pages taken from other sources, we always cite the source clearly to ensure transparency and respect for intellectual property rights. We have DMCA-registered our Descendants coloring page. Children and parents do not need to worry about legal issues when downloading and printing free coloring pages as long as they are used for non-commercial purposes.

5 Interesting Ideas For Craft Activities By Using Descendants Coloring Pages

Descendants coloring sheets are not only a tool to help children develop their creativity and practice their coloring skills but can also be used for many other exciting craft activities. You can refer to the five creative ideas below.

Design Descendants Pins

This idea is exciting and unique. The first step is to choose your favorite Descendants characters and logo. Then, print it out on paper with a size that fits the battery you want. You will color the details using colored pencils, markers, or water-based paints. Use a compass to create a circular border around colored details. 

The next step is to cut out the circle outline from the coloring page. Use glue to stick the cut-out circle onto the cardboard. You will cut the cardboard again along the circular outline. You can decorate the pin with glitter, beads, and ribbons or paint the border to make it more prominent. So you have unique and colorful round batteries to decorate backpacks, bags, or as gifts for friends.

Descendants coloring pages craft 1

Create A Cake Topper

With the character illustrations and colorful details in Descendants, you can make your own unique and impressive cake topper to decorate your cake. First, cut out your favorite character, accessory, or setting from the coloring page. Be sure to keep the border of the image intact. Then, glue is used to attach the cut-out image to the cardboard to ensure it is sturdy and flat.

Cut the cardboard into circles, squares, or other shapes, depending on your preference. Next, attach a toothpick or bamboo skewer to the back of the cardboard. You can decorate it with glitter, ribbons, and flowers to make the cake topper stand out.

Descendants coloring pages craft 2

Decorate Gift Bags

To do this idea, you will choose a gift bag of the appropriate size for the gift you want to give. Then, you print out the coloring pages illustrating your favorite Descendants characters and color them. 

Cut out the colored shapes individually and glue them to the front of the gift bag with glue. You can further decorate the gift bag by drawing other motifs, such as stars, hearts, or images related to Descendants. Now you have a unique and beautiful gift bag.

Descendants coloring pages craft esty 3Image source: Esty.

Make A Door Hang

First, you choose your favorite Descendants coloring sheets and color them. Be creative and express your personality through colors. You can use a compass or another circular object to draw and cut the colored area into a circle. 

If you want a thicker door ornament, you’ll cut a circle the size of a cutout image from cardboard. Attach the coloring page circle to the cardboard using glue. Use a hole punch to punch a small hole in the top of the circle. Thread the string or ribbon through the hole and tie a knot. Finally, hang the decoration on the door by hooking string or ribbon to the doorknob or hanger.

Descendants coloring pages craft 4

Create Stickers

Descendants stickers are widely sold in stores and online because of their popularity. Now you can create your themed stickers with our coloring pages. First, you print your favorite Descendants images on decal paper and in the smallest size. You can shrink and combine multiple photos on one page to save more. Once you’re done coloring, cut the image you want as a sticker from the page.

You can laminate or use a glossy coating to protect the stickers and make them shinier. The finished stickers can be used anywhere you want, such as notebooks, laptops, phones, or water bottles.

Descendants coloring pages craft esty 5Image source: Esty.

There are also many other creative ideas from Descendants coloring pages. You can give us suggestions via email or send a message to Fanpage. When you share your ideas, attach an image of your product so people can easily visualize it. Use the hashtags #DescendantsColoringIdeas, #DescendantsCraft, and #ColoringPagesOnly to help people easily find your ideas.

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