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Descendants Coloring Pages

Indeed children love Disney’s famous animated movies. Suppose the children are too familiar with many cartoon characters in Disney movies. In that case, they will also have great experiences coloring pages such as Mermaid, Frozen, Cinderella, Lol Surprise Doll, and Bella. Now, parents can let their children get acquainted with characters descendants of prominent characters in Disney. Let’s learn about each character in the new generation through Descendants Coloring Pages.

Descendants tell the story of the children of famous Disney villains: Maleficent’s daughter – Mal; Evil Queen’s daughter –  Evie; Cruella De – Vil’s son Carlos and Jafar’s son Jay. They and their parents were exiled to an island isolated from the outside world to avoid endangering others. At the request of Ben, son of Belle and The Beast (who reigns in the kingdom of Auradon), the four of them are allowed to leave the island and move to study in that kingdom. The four must go on a mission to steal the Fairy God Mother’s wand and free their parents from the island.

The story reminds us of childhood associated with Disney, with so many characters that have become legendary. Their children now live in modern society and attend the same school. The world the story builds is not as simple as in fairy tales anymore. The main message that the film wants to convey to the audience is: We can decide for ourselves who we are and what we want. Listen to your heart and trust your choices. Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay always act according to their parent’s intentions and views without ever listening to themselves, never once asking themselves who they want to be.

We have many fascinating Descendants coloring pages for kids of all ages. Parents can print, color directly, or download for kids to color them. They are completing the coloring sheets and giving them to family or friends. Coloring pages will help children focus on details and develop thinking and the ability to recognize colors. Children will feel comfortable, happy, and creative when coloring. Our coloring pages are free; parents can view and download any coloring pages they like.

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