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Let’s explore the unique Dumbo coloring pages and instantly collect the most outstanding coloring sheets for your coloring activities. Dumbo is the main character in the 1941 Disney animated film of the same name. The content movie ‘Dumbo’ revolves around the life of a baby elephant nicknamed “Dumbo” who lives in the circus, constantly mocked for his oversized ears. Dumbo’s mother seemed crazy trying to protect her baby from everyone’s teasing, and she was eventually locked up. Dumbo was shunned and had no one to take care of them from then on.

But by chance, Dumbo got acquainted with a tiny mouse named Timothy – a friend who helped Dumbo discover the ability to fly with his giant ears with the help of a magic feather. So, apart from his mother, the mouse Timothy is Dumbo’s only best friend. To cheer up Dumbo, Timothy took the elephant to visit his mother. On the way back, Timothy and Dumbo accidentally drink champagne. As a result, the two get drunk, and they see an illusion of pink elephants.

The following day, Dumbo and Timothy woke up in a tree branch. Timothy was surprised because he did not understand how they managed to climb the tree, and the mouse concluded that: It was Dumbo who used his large ears as wings to fly. With help from a group of crows, Timothy made Dumbo fly again, using a psychological trick with a “magic feather” to boost the baby’s confidence. Dumbo had to perform a stunt jump from a tall building back in the circus.

But Dumbo has lost the feather, and at this time, Timothy quickly tells him: The feather has no magic, and Dumbo is completely capable of flying. Ultimately, Dumbo gained the confidence to fly around the circus, stunning his bullies and the audience.

We are sure Dumbo’s lovely appearance will stimulate the little ones to get more excited with the vibrant crayons. Discover more adorable Dumbo cartoon characters in our Dumbo coloring pages. We provide Dumbo coloring sheets for children to practice coloring with creative activities, training children’s concentration. Children and adults will love coloring activities with existing pictures, especially for children. Today coloring activities are applied to the whole school, at home, and in the playground. There are many coloring contests held to encourage the enthusiastic participation of children.

Dumbo coloring sheets are cartoon-themed coloring pictures that are sure to be loved by children if parents are worried about what children to learn or play in the first years, choose Dumbo coloring and other coloring pages to experience! With giant soft ears, Dumbo makes the kids even more excited for a coloring activity. Dumbo’s lovely appearance will stimulate the little ones to be more excited with the brilliant crayons. Discover more adorable Disney characters at Disney Coloring Pages to collect more coloring pages for your little one: Lilo & StitchPluto, and Winnie The Pooh.

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