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Last Updated: April 11, 2024

We updated and added 47 Family Day coloring pages to honor the love between members. These pages are not just for children; they are also a time for everyone to come together and be creative.

Family Day is a global celebration recognized by the United Nations. It is celebrated on May 15. This is an opportunity to honor the affection of family members. Your family will always be by your side through the trials and tribulations and the happy times. We need an anniversary to remember this special relationship. These coloring sheets are perfect for children and adults to have fun coloring together as a family.

In this collection, you will find coloring pages featuring the whole family on a picnic, outing, or simply spending quality time together. Some pages depict family symbols, including hearts, houses, or hands holding hands.

Whether planning a meaningful family activity or simply taking a moment to appreciate your loved ones, pick up our coloring pages and print them out. This is an opportunity for everyone to bond together on a special day.

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6 Wonderful Activities To Do With Family Day Coloring Pages

Family Day is a time to honor our loved ones. It’s a day that creates lasting memories and strengthens family bonds. While there are many ways to celebrate this Day, you can check out the creative ideas below to make coloring more fun.

Design A Greeting Card

A handmade family-themed card will be extremely meaningful to give to loved ones. You will choose designs that have a happy family scene together. Color the images with bright tones.

Cut the colored details out of the page after you’re done coloring. You must prepare a thick sheet of construction paper to make the card base. The next step is to glue the cutouts onto the front of the card and decorate them with other details.

You can also add the words Happy Family above the images or write a message on the back of the card. Now put the card in an envelope and send it to your family.

family day coloring pages craft 1

Decorate A Mural

You can create a beautiful mural using family-themed coloring pages with simple steps. This activity is also perfect for teachers to organize during extracurricular classes to celebrate International Family Day.

You must find a suitable wall space and ensure it is clean and smooth. You will choose large paper sizes and thick, quality paper when printing. It can be Ao or A1. Next, stick the coloring page on the wall. If the activity is being held in class, gather the students and ask them to color the details in the picture.

You encourage the children to be creative and experiment with different colors. Using water-based paint or markers will make the painting stand out more. Once completed, you can cover the surface of the painting with a coat of varnish or sealer to protect against fading.

Finally, step back and admire the work of art. You can take photos and share them on social networks to preserve memories of this important day.

family day coloring pages craft 2

Create Cake Toppers

Our coloring pages can help you create toppers to decorate your family-themed cake. You will need some necessary materials for this creative idea, such as wooden sticks, glue, scissors, coloring tools, or transparent adhesive sheets.

First, you’ll choose the images you want to use for your decoration. Choose images of the whole family having fun together or symbols of solidarity.

You can resize the images to fit the cake decoration. Invite your family members to color the images. Encourage everyone to have fun and create different colors.

The next step is to cut out the images from the coloring pages using scissors. Applying a transparent adhesive sheet to the surface of the cutouts will make them smoother and more durable.

You will glue craft sticks to the back of each cutout. Let the cake decorations dry completely before placing them on the cake. Now, display the cake proudly to celebrate a memorable family holiday together.

Family Day coloring Pages craft 3

Make A Time Box

Capture beautiful memories with your loved ones with family-themed images. You need to prepare a paper box or glass jar. You print many coloring pages the size of a quarter of an A4 sheet.

You can arrange multiple images on one page to save paper when printing. Encourage all family members to color together and write messages to themselves or future generations. These can be hidden thoughts about family celebrations or special moments together.

Once you’re done coloring, you’ll roll up the coloring pages and use tinsel to tie them up. Put all the paper rolls in a paper box or glass jar. You will decide one day when to open the time capsule and bury it in a safe location.

Design A Poster

This activity is suitable for a community or classroom event. You will choose one or more coloring pages for family day. It can be images of families spending time together, participating in picnics, and having fun together.

An indispensable important step is to color the images using available tools. Fill the picture’s background with bright colors to make the poster stand out.

You can write or print Happy Family Day and International Day of Families above or below the image. Finally, the poster should be placed in a prominent location so everyone can see and honor this special holiday.

Family Day coloring pages craft 5

Create Decorations

This is a great way to celebrate unity and honor the love between family members. Although International Family Day is still over a month away, you can create a warm atmosphere in your home by decorating images according to this theme.

With our coloring pages, this isn’t so difficult. We have lots of craft ideas for decoration. You can print out the images and color them. Then, glue the images onto a piece of construction paper.

Punch two holes on both sides of the paper and string twine through to hang on the window, wall, or anywhere. Alternatively, you can cut the images into triangles and string them together to make bunting. Cutting images into circles or squares for party table decorations is also a good suggestion. Feel free to create decorations to suit your personal style and preferences!

Family Day coloring pages craft 4

Doing these craft activities together will create fun, memorable moments. The relationship between family members will be closer, and they will understand each other better.

Be sure to share your colorful creations on our Facebook page or Pinterest. We always want to see how creative and fun you have used these quality and meaningful Family Day coloring pages.

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