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Fancy Nancy Coloring Pages are pictures of a kind and cheerful girl named Fancy Nancy.

Fancy Nancy is an American animated children’s television series, produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Junior, and based on the book of the same name by Jane O’Connor with illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser.

6-year-old Nancy Clancy likes luxury and French things. She loves sparkly dresses, high jewelry, music, and ballet. But most of all, the little girl really enjoyed learning French.

Nancy Margaret Clancy’s favorite color, “Fancy Nancy,” is fuchsia; she loves butterflies. She has an adorable poodle named Frenchy, her own secret mailbox to share all her party invites with Bree’s best friend and her own playhouse. She also has a doll named Marabelle and sometimes carries her around.

With a rich imagination, she constantly offers fun and entertaining activities for family and friends.

Fancy Nancy makes every day bright and memorable. And coloring pictures of the dynamic and playful Fancy Nancy also helps the little ones become happier and more energetic. This is a source of positive energy to help the little ones have the most interesting and wonderful things.

Download or print our Fancy Nancy coloring pages and color them now. Creative colors have no limits, combine your favorite colors and create the most beautiful works. Have fun! See more Fancy Nancy and Abby Hatcher coloring pages: let’s get more positive energy from new colors!

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