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Explore the free Finding Dory coloring pages below and collect the best pictures of Dory for kids to color.

Finding Dory is a movie about the famous absent-minded blue fish Dory. The setting in Finding Dory takes place six months after Finding Nemo. In the new episode, the blue fish is the main character, who lost her parents and forgot who her family is and where she was born. Along with good friends like father and son Nemo, the octopus Hank and the dolphin Bailey, Dory had memorable experiences on the brave journey to find her way back to her loved ones.

Let’s color the absent-minded Dory with the children now. What color will the children color Dory fish? Please help your child collect as many of the free coloring sheets below so they have a chance to develop their creativity and can unleash their imaginations with these free Finding Dory coloring sheets.

Parents can collect more of the fun Nemo father and son coloring pages from the previous section on our Finding Nemo coloring pages.

Have fun exploring, enjoying, and freely expressing your creativity right now. Have fun!

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