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Flushed Away Coloring Pages

The following Flushed Away coloring pages will bring the little ones to the exciting adventure in the sewer system of the ornamental mouse Roddy.

Roddy is a mouse living in a luxury apartment in a rich neighborhood of London. One day, another rat came out of nowhere, swarmed into Roddy’s house, pushed him down the toilet, and flushed. Roddy drifted down the drain and lost in the underworld beneath the London sewers. Roddy reached out to Rita with guidance, hoping that she would help him get back to the surface. Roddy is caught up in the conflict between Rita and King Toad – considered the boss of the underworld, who wants to steal Rita’s ruby ​​to add to his precious collection.

Finally, Roddy mouse could return to the fully furnished room, but Roddy leaves the fully furnished room to come to Rita because he feels lonely.

Does the adventure in the sewer system of Roddy mouse make the children feel attractive? Grab your favorite crayons and step into the fantasy world with Roddy Mouse in Flushed Away. The children will understand many values ​​of life, such as friendship, kindness, and mutual help in times of need, from the story of Roddy, the mouse guy.

Color and take valuable lessons from the free printable Flushed Away Coloring Pages below. The coloring pages are all free; you can print or download them to color and be creative. Have fun and enjoy now!

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