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Gacha Life, (also known as Gachaverse 2 and Gacha Life 1, abbreviated as GL) is a free-to-play, single-player role-playing game created by Lunime. Features in this game are Dress Up, Studio, Gacha, Life, Games, Chat, Youtube, and Conflict. Dress Up is one of the features in Gacha Life. While Dress Up is also available on other Lunime games (Gacha Studio, Gachaverse), Gacha Life has more accessories and clothes. In addition, Gacha Life has additional Character slots. In Gacha Life, there are 8 studio-ready character slots and 12 character slots that can be accessed with a small button on the side of the main menu, for a total of 20. Players can choose one of the existing characters, or they can customize their character's pose, hair, face, clothing, and accessories. You can also customize them with wings and tails. Players can also name their character or give it a random name. You can customize the background information, the so-called "elements" (wind, fire, dark water, light, neutral and unknown), and give your OC a star rating from 0-7 (features). This is optional). These will be displayed in your character profile. Like Dress Up, Studio is also available on other games. However, Gacha Life has more backgrounds and props. Once finished with the character, the player can enter studio mode and create their scene. They can choose from a variety of backgrounds and props to create the scene. Characters are allowed, but the maximum number of characters allowed in the studio is 8. Players can create dialogue, customize chat bubbles, and add emojis to characters. In Gacha Life, players can use Gems for Gacha, to receive random gifts and restore stamina. The player must have at least 5 gems to Gacha. Gifts received can be used for NPCs. Players can view their collection by clicking 'Collection'. Uncollected gifts will be darkened and cannot be clicked. However, if gifts have been received before but the player has used them up, the gift will not be darkened. You can also get copies of gifts. Life is the main feature of Gacha Life that is not present in any of the older Lunime games. Players can travel to different destinations and interact with any NPC. However, to get close to any NPC, the player must have enough Stamina. Buying Gacha will quickly restore Stamina, although not being active on Life will also restore Stamina, albeit more slowly. Players can also view their Friendship Status to see the Friendship Levels of an NPC and an unlocked person. In Gacha Life, there are 8 games available. That's one of the ways to get gems. Each game has a certain number of lives. If the player runs out of life, the game ends and the player collects their reward. Their highest score is saved. If the score is high enough, players can see their score on the Leaderboard. You can also see how many Gems different scores can give you. Chat is one of the features in Gacha Life that is also present in a lot of the Lumime games. Players can view other players' custom characters, profiles, and levels. It was removed possibly due to bugs/malfunctions and/or inappropriate content and language. There are many YouTubers who also create Gacha Life videos and they share them with their subscribers. They usually create GLMMs (Gacha Life Mini Movies) or GLMVs (Gacha Life Music Videos). They will be loved by many, not excluding their subscribers. Some people in the Gacha community are using Gacha Life for lewd content. Most of the community is against this, while the rest are the creators of that kind of content. As of the latest updates, inappropriate content has been removed but not on iOS. These include skin color, provocative poses, and many other Gacha Life items. So Gacha life is the best place to create Gacha Heat. Free printable Gacha Life coloring pages for kids of all ages. You can print, play the Gacha Life coloring game, or download to color and give them to your family and friends. Coloring pages will help your child focus on details while feeling comfortable and at ease. These are just some of the amazing Gacha Life coloring pages you will find here. We provide sure many Gacha Life coloring pages without any cost. Besides, don't forget to visit Coloringpagesonly.com every day to update more new and fresh images. If you like Japanese TV shows and anime, you will love our Gacha Life coloring pages. Color Gacha Life directly or download or print on our website, completely free. All Gacha Life coloring pages are updated and added regularly. Also, you can visit our main page to color many more categories. Thank you all and have a good time!