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Heidi Coloring Pages

Heidi coloring pages bring to you the sweet story of little Heidi, about her kindness, pure selflessness, love, and trust between people and people, in a beautiful setting the poetic, passionate floral fragrance of the Swiss Alps.

Heidi’s coloring sheets with children’s emotions and beautiful pictures of Swiss nature will warm the driest of hearts. Heidi coloring sheets based on the animated movie Heidi
praising the love of life, about the warm feelings between people, will be a great theme for the little ones to color. Heidi’s emotions will bring a lot of lessons to the little ones while they color.

Little Heidi has lived with nature, herding sheep and living a joyful life with her grandfather. Originally a lovely little girl, Heidi has made her cranky, eccentric grandfather more gentle, and has made the goat boy’s blind grandmother brighter through stories. Heidi also loves so many sunny fields, cool breezes, and eagles soaring in the blue sky.

And when little Heidi agreed to leave with her aunt to the big city, her grandfather gradually became angrier and estranged from everyone, and Heidi befriended Clara, a little girl from a rich family who has a disability. Heidi has helped Clara to live a more loving, happier life. But because he could not return as soon as his aunt’s promise, Heidi was extremely sad and missed her grandfather and the Alps to the point of being sick and emaciated. After that, Heidi was brought back to the Alps by her aunt. Grandpa was overjoyed to see his lovely grandchild back.

The story ends with Heidi holding his grandfather’s hand, walking on the mountain trail with the setting sun dyeing the mountains and river pink, a peaceful scene just for the two of them.

Little Heidi with her innocence, joy, and natural kindness, not only helped her grandfather regain his love of life, but also brought many wonderful changes to the lives of many people around her. In Heidi, everything always has an exit, it is those precious qualities of Heidi that warm the heart of an old woman near the earth and far from the sky.

Heidi – is a story for both children and adults to be able to feel the humanity in this life. Let the kids color the bright and peaceful colors of the mountain countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the city on our black and white Heidi color sheets below. Lovely characters with mountain scenery and the joy and feelings of innocent mountain children.

The vivid natural landscape in the Alps is extremely beautiful, and the miraculous healing that pure nature can bring is very miraculous and quick.

Enjoy the Swiss nature with its brilliant flower fields, immense valleys, and red sunsets on the eternally tranquil mountains of the Alps, and feel the bright story of little Heidi that will warm you even the driest hearts are on Heidi coloring pages right now. Have fun!

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