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Last Updated: March 15, 2023

In this collection, you will find 22 of our most unique International Day Of Nowruz coloring pages that cannot be found anywhere else. As you color, explore the importance of traditions celebrated by people across the globe.

The International Day of Nowruz, celebrated on March 21, marks spring’s arrival and nature’s renewal. This ancestral festival has been going on for over 3,000 years in various regions, including the Balkans, the Black Sea basin, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

On this special occasion, people clean their homes and wear new clothes to symbolize a new beginning. They also enjoy a special meal with loved ones, celebrating the First day of spring and the astronomical equinox. Nowruz provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships between people based on mutual respect and the ideals of peace and good neighborliness.

To engage children in the spirit of Nowruz, coloring is a fun way for exploring this rich tradition. These pages depict attractive images related to the International Day of Nowruz, allowing children to focus on details and develop creativity, motor skills and color recognition. Our coloring pages contain many details representing the symbols of the Nowruz holiday, such as Sabzeh, the Half-Seen table with vinegar, garlic, apple, goldfish, hyacinths, mirrors, candles or colored eggs.

Some pages illustrate people wearing intricately patterned Persian costumes suitable for older children or adults. Whether it is Sabzeh, Haft-Seen tables or other festive elements, coloring will bring the joy of Nowruz into everyone’s life.

You can choose these free printable International Day of Nowruz coloring sheets with your kids. Let their creativity bloom like spring flowers!

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6 Creative Ideas With Free Printable International Day of Nowruz Coloring Pages

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate the rich traditions of International Nowruz Day than with a fun craft activity? Here are creative ideas to unleash your creativity and explore the wonders of this holiday with free coloring pages.

Make A Greeting Card

This craft project is based on the video tutorial on how to make a Nowruz Day card. However, our steps are more straightforward because you don’t need to draw, just color.

You will choose coloring pages related to the International Day of Nowruz theme. It could be an image of a Half-Seen table or a scene of people dancing to celebrate the holidays.

You print the coloring pages on thick white paper. Then, use available tools to color them most creatively. Be sure to choose vibrant colors to highlight the card.

One by one cut colored details out of the page. The next step is to fold a piece of colored construction paper in half to make the card base.

You will paste the details on the front of the card one by one as shown in the image below. Write a meaningful message inside the card to express your feelings to the recipient and spread the joyful spirit of the upcoming holidays.

Nowzuz Coloring Pages Craft 2

Create A Paper Half-Seen Table

Haft-Seen is a central part of Nowruz. They include symbolic exhibits and begin with the letter “S” in Persian. Children can create this traditional party table by using their Nowruz-themed coloring images.

First, you will print a coloring page illustrating a Haft-Seen table that includes Sabzeh, garlic, apples, cakes, candles, hyacinths, eggs or goldfish. Then, ask your child to use crayons to color the pictures.

Once this step is completed, you will instruct the children to cut out the colored details. Take a piece of cardboard to make a base for the desk. This will be where you arrange the cutouts. Use glue to fix the display items on the paper Haft-Seen table.

Once everything is securely attached, trim the excess paper around it. The traditional Haft-Seen table of Nowruz is ready to decorate any space!

Nowruz Coloring Pages craft 1

Decorate Plastic Plates

On the day of Nowruz, parties are indispensable. You will transform your party tables into the festive spirit with the following unique decoration ideas.

First, color our free printable Nowruz designs using whatever tools you have around the house. Consider adding vibrant colors to make the image stand out more.

Cut colored details out of the page. You can cut each section individually or cut larger sections to fit the shape and size of the plastic disc.

Finally, glue the cutouts onto the front of the plastic plate like the illustration below. You can add transparent glue to the surface of the cutout to prevent water and tear.

Nowruz Coloring Pages craft 2

Turn Into Stickers

You will begin this creative activity by printing coloring pages with individual details. Set the printer to the appropriate size and paper type for the sticker.

Color the details brightly and cut them out. If you want the sticker to be more durable, put it between two laminated bags and roll them out thinly.

Then, cut each sticker to remove the excess border. To use, peel off the backing layer to reveal the adhesive side. These handmade stickers can be applied to notebooks, greeting cards, computers or phone cases.

Nowruz Coloring Pages Redbubble 1

Image source: Redbubble.

Create A Wall Art

Turn your simple coloring picture into a wall hanging. That will now be made easy with our following guide. Choose a design that fits the spirit of Nowruz, like a Haft-Seen arrangement, a spring-themed image, or a Persian dress pattern.

You will need quality paper and print images in large sizes. Then, use watercolor to paint the details to make them more prominent and difficult to fade.

The next step is to color the background and cut out the outer white borders. Once the paint dries, you will frame the space using a wire frame to hang the painting on the wall.

Nowruz Coloring Pages Esty 2

Image source: Esty.

Decorate Your Space

Nowruz International Holiday is coming. Have you planned your decorations to welcome it? You can use colored pictures to save money and create uniqueness for your home space.

Once you choose to print free Nowruz-themed coloring pages, you will color them. The next step is to cut out the details.

Hang images in windows to add color and festive flair to your space. You can stick them directly on the window glass or string to create a unique effect like our image below.

Nowruz Coloring Pages craft 3

Don’t hesitate to share your unique creations online using the hashtag #NowruzColoringPagesCraft or #ColoringPagesOnly. By sharing your colorful masterpieces, you can spread joy and connect with others celebrating this special occasion worldwide. Let your creativity run wild with our many other coloring page collections. Remember to visit the website regularly to always update new designs as soon as possible.

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