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Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Our newly updated collection of 71 Kung Fu Panda 4 coloring pages allows fans of all ages to get creative with their favorite characters. All pages are inspired by the latest movie, which is about to be released on March 8.

Kung Fu Panda is a successful and popular cartoon character around the world. The film was also adapted into many video games and appeared on many items such as clothes, toys or school supplies. Part 4 of the movie will bring many new and exciting things compared to previous parts. There’s nothing better than interacting with the characters and scenes while waiting for the movie to come out through coloring pages. Join Po, the Dragon Warrior, and his friends on exciting adventures as you bring them to life with creative colors.

You will meet enthusiastic Po, wise Tigress, new friend Zhen and villainous Chameleon. Relive key movie moments with your unique color palettes, from epic training scenes to thrilling battles against fearsome enemies.

The new coloring pages offer unique, high-quality images and guarantee hours of artistic fun for kids and adults alike. So, prepare your crayons for surprises in the new world of Kung Fu Panda 4!

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7 Unique Ideas We Can Do With Kung Fu Panda 4 Coloring Pages

Kung Fu Panda is an extremely unique cartoon character and is loved by children around the world. You can turn your child’s simple coloring activities into unique games and craft ideas.

Children will be extremely excited and learn many useful things when taking full advantage of the colored Kung Fun Panda images.

Decorate A LED Night Lamp

This idea will help you combine your love for Kung Fu Panda with a decorative item for your home. First, you will choose coloring pages with your favorite characters and scenes. Resize the pages to fit the lamp.

After coloring, cut out characters and scenes from the coloring pages. The next step is to apply a layer of glue on the back of the cutouts and stick them to the surfaces of the LED lights.

We have illustrated below for you to visualize easily. Once all the images are attached to the lamp, apply clear glue to the front to protect the images from getting wet or torn. Once everything is done, get ready to experience your unique Kung Fu Panda-themed night light!

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages Craft 1

Design A Bookmark

To start the activity, you will print your favorite coloring pages onto a sheet of cardboard and then carefully cut out the characters or scenes after you are done coloring. You can cut them into rectangles or get creative with different shapes like circles, squares or even outlines of characters.

The next step is to arrange the cut designs onto the cardboard. You can stack layers on top of each other or leave space in each design.

Once satisfied with the layout, use glue to fix the images in place. To make the bookmark more durable, you will laminate it.

You can also punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and string a ribbon through to create a bow. Whether you use the bookmark for your favorite book or give it to a friend who is a Kungfu Panda fan, it’s sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face with every page turn.

Make Po Panda Mask

Using these new Kung Fu Panda coloring sheets will be a fun and imaginative project, especially for the little ones. Find pictures of Po Panda’s face before and print them on stiff paper.

You’ll cut the face out of the coloring page, including all the details like his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. The next step is to color it in black and white. To create holes for the eyes, use scissors to cut two eye positions on the mask.

On each side, attach an elastic band to the size that fits your head and secure it securely to the mask. Your Po Panda mask is now ready to wear! Wear it and show everyone around you your admiration for your cute Kungfu bear!

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages Craft 2

Create Unique Hanging Decorations

For Kung Fu Panda fans, why not create a unique and personalized space with decorations based on the movie’s theme? The simplest and most economical way for this idea is to use coloring pages.

You will cut the colored images into shapes, perhaps squares or circles. Use a hole punch to make holes at the top of each cutout. Thread a string through the hole in each shape and tie it in place for easy hanging.

You can nicely arrange the shapes, cutting evenly along the length of the string. These Kung Fu Panda-themed decorations are perfect for adding a playful touch to a child’s bedroom, indoor party space or classroom.

Make Stickers

With these simple steps, you can turn your favorite Kungfu Panda movie-themed coloring pages into adorable stickers for yourself or to share with others.

First, you’ll print clean-line images in the smallest size format and on a sticker or adhesive paper. After completing the coloring step, you can add other decorative details to make the sticker stand out.

Use scissors to cut colored images out of the sticker paper. To use, peel off the backing of each cutout and stick it on your notebook, laptop, water bottle or any surface you want.

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages Craft 3

Play Darts Game

You can create fun dart games with coloring pages, not just craft activities. The important thing with this game is the dart board. You can buy it at the store or make it yourself from cardboard.

You will cut the images out once the printable coloring pages are ready. Cut them into circles to resemble traditional targets and stick them on the board. Hang the dartboard on the wall at a height suitable for the player. You can freely customize the rules of the game depending on your preferences.

Turn Into Keychains

This craft idea only requires cardboard, plexiglass, and a regular keyring. Once the characters and scenes in Kung Fu Panda are colored, they are cut out of the page in circular shapes. Be sure to print pages at the smallest size on the printer.

Then, press two sheets of mica plastic onto both sides of the cutout and cut them in the shape of a circular border of the image. You will heat them or use glue to stick them together.

Punch a hole at the top of each image and thread the keyring ring through. A finished keychain will have the same shape as our sample below. You can use it to hang on your backpack bag, give it to a friend or even sell it to others. Who knows, you might get a lot of profit from this deal!

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages Craft 4

Unleash your imagination and personalize each coloring page with these unique activities. No matter what your chosen idea is, we believe you will have fun and memorable moments while waiting for the release of part 4 of Kung Fu Panda.

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