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Levi Ackerman is hugely loved in the Attack on Titan series; get your hands on the free printable Levi Ackerman coloring pages below and help him become new and different.

Levi Ackerman is the strongest fighter in the Attack on Titan universe. Levi has straight, short black hair in a cropped style, scary gray-blue eyes, and although his body is not tall, his body is solid and agile.

Strong fighting skills and cunning intelligence make Levi a formidable opponent to the Titans. Levi often frowns in annoyance or becomes extremely cold and insensitive to everything. Combined with his highly calm demeanor, it is often difficult for others to guess what he is thinking.

The image of the character Levi is also outstanding with an “unemotional” face and sharp, sarcastic statements. With these characteristics, Levi quickly becomes a character that many viewers love.

With a cold personality, sharp judgment, decisive decision, finishing shot, and handsome appearance, this mighty warrior has all the factors to overwhelm the male lead Eren. Levi even defeated Zeke Yeager in the form of the Beast Titan – arguably the most powerful of the Titan Shifters.

Besides his formidable fighting skills, Levi also shows himself as an excellent captain when analyzing situations exceptionally quickly and thoroughly, making highly accurate decisions in battles.

Levi is like a model that combines the beauty and strength that many young people love. Grab Levi Ackerman’s best coloring sheets now and help him get his best color, and you can also find other Attack On Titan character coloring sheets at our Free AOT Coloring Pages.

Have fun and get creative now!

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