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Color the Mandalorian coloring pages and follow in the footsteps of a lone Mandalorian Warrior far beyond the reach of the New Republic. Mandalorian premiered in November 2019. Five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, a Mandalore bounty hunter comes to meet Greef Karga. He accepts a top-secret mission on the outpost planet Navarro from a client with ties to the Empire, instructing him to track down and capture a 50-year-old subject. While the Client is not concerned with the subject's survival, Dr. Pershing insists it must be alive. The Mandalorian was given a deposit of a single Beskar iron, a metal so precious to his men. He went to a small Mandalore base, forged for a new shoulder armor. Arriving on the planet where the subject was last seen, the Mandalorians are aided by a wet farmer named Kuril. Tired of the chaos caused by the bounty hunters in this place, Kuiil took him to the location and left. Entering the heavily defended lair, the Mandalorians must team up with the killer droid IG-11 to destroy the camp and capture its target – a Yoda-type child. IG-11 intends to kill the child, the Mandalorian shoots the droid and takes the child alive. A fascinating story, isn't it? Coloring Mandalorian warriors are even more interesting when choosing colors for Mandalorian warriors. Download or print all your favorite coloring pages for free and color now. Lots of fun coloring pages; have fun with your coloring pages and crayons. Have fun!
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