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Over the Moon Coloring Pages

Travel to the moon with Fei Fei from the free printable Over the Moon coloring pages below and discover the wonders of Over the Moon.

Fei Fei, a 14-year-old girl, is the main character of the animated movie Over the Moon. The story follows Fei Fei’s journey trying to convince his father not to marry another woman and remember his mother.

In Over the Moon, Fei Fei builds a rocket and flies to the moon to prove to her father, the existence of the Moon Goddess Chang’e.

Do you believe that the moon goddess exists or not? Join the journey to the moon with Fei Fei in Over the Moon and discover the most exciting things about traveling to the moon right now. And don’t forget to add unique colors you see on your trip to the moon to our free Over the Moon coloring sheets. Have fun!

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