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PJ masks Coloring Pages

We have all the PJ Masks coloring pages, which is the children’s favorite TV show

Is your child a fan of the TV show PJ Masks? Why don’t you give them these coloring pages? That is an exciting game for your kids. We have collected all the best PJ Masks coloring pages for kids, so you can download and print them to give your kids plenty of opportunities to express their

What is a PJ mask?

PJ Masks is an animated show for children. The show follows three children: Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette, who are friends. They have a unique superpower used to fight crime. They usually operate at night when the whole city has fallen asleep.

When night falls in the city of Parisville is also when Pj Masks start to act. Each has a unique superpower to fight crime and save their friends from danger. Catboy can climb walls, Owlette is super intelligent with excellent aerobatic skills, and Gekko’s kung-fu moves are second to none.

The Story of PJ Masks:

This movie was created in Pontypandy, which has a high crime rate and frequent fires. When something happens to the city, they will use their superpowers to rescue them. They wear masks and have capes, so no one will be able to tell who they are.


Catboy is the group leader; he can listen to sounds very well. Just by hearing the noise, he could detect the location of the noise a considerable distance away. He also has a breakneck movement speed.


Owlette can fly in the sky and has superhuman eyesight. Owlette is a brave warrior when he destroys a lot of bad guys.


Gekko is a brave member of the PJ Masks team. He can expand walls and use his superhuman muscles in battle! This guy is petite but has strength and resilience.

The PJ Masks coloring page for kids:

Kids will love our Pj Masks coloring pages. Pictures of lovely characters in the program will attract children’s curiosity. Children will love the adorable characters and want to create unique images.

Your child can choose from several coloring pages or download all of our the PJ Mask coloring page. Children can use any color they love to color and create other unique colors. PJ Masks is simple and lovely.

Children can easily distinguish the characteristics of the character.
If your child has watched PJ Masks, he will be even more excited about these coloring pages. Parents, please choose this interesting coloring theme for your baby!


PJ Mask coloring pages are an excellent gift for kids. Coloring activities help children show talent and ingenuity in the use of colors. We feature various coloring themes at and hope kids will love our free, quality coloring pages! In addition, children can explore more exciting Superhero coloring pages: Batman, The Flash, and Deadpool.

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