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Last Updated: August 17, 2023

Plants Vs Zombies is a critically acclaimed game that has won numerous awards. It is a great game that appeals to children of all ages. If your child wants to see or review the impressive images in the game Plant vs. Zombie, this coloring activity is fun. Also, these Plant Vs Zombie coloring pages can be a great craft project to get kids away from their phones and television screens.

What Special Thing About Plant Vs Zombie Attract Children To Color?

Plants Vs Zombies is a famous game that has won the hearts of children and adults. The game is scored with bright, fun images suitable for children’s interests. The sound is light and vibrant depending on the level and stage of the game, creating a feeling of suspense and anticipation for the player.

The characters in the game are cute flowers, fruits, and sun. They are brightly colored and lovely. That attracts children’s interest. This game’s story is about zombies trying to invade the house. To prevent the attack of the zombies, the owner has planted plants that can attack and stop the zombies.

The player must collect as much sunlight as possible to grow plants with different attack abilities. Then use the sun you collect to exchange for plants or weapons. Can you stop and kill the zombies? Try to experience and feel this exciting game! You do not need to worry when participating in the game because there will be a full, detailed, and easy-to-understand direction.

Players can use unique features to collect plants capable of defeating the zombies. Plants and trees are both cute and funny and have special functions. You will feel scared about zombie characters, but with special shaping in Plants vs. Zombies, you will find them funny. This game is not horror or includes scary elements; you can experience or let your child participate in this game. With easy rules and conquerable levels, kids love the characters in Plants Vs Zombies. Now you know why this game is famous and loved by many people worldwide.

Many children are already familiar with the Plants Vs Zombies game, which makes coloring pages of their favorite characters and scenes more exciting. The strategic gameplay of Plants Vs Zombies is captivating for children. The game’s humorous and lighthearted tone resonates well with children. The funny interactions between the plants and zombies and the comical character designs make coloring enjoyable and entertaining.

For this series, we’ve illustrated multiple versions and themes around Plants Vs Zombies, including hero plants like Peashooter, Sunflower, and Cherry Bomb, as well as scary zombies like Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, and Football Zombie. You’ll also find some epic zombie and plant battles and Christmas and Halloween-themed pages.

Top Popular Plant vs. Zombie Coloring Pages

We will suggest coloring products on the theme of Plant vs. Zombies. You can search for any coloring sheets you love. You can find coloring pages featuring the different plants and zombies from the game, such as Sunflower, Peashooter, Zombie, Conehead Zombie, and more. Some others depict the game scenes, including the backyard garden with plants, lawns, and zombies. Remember to visit our website regularly to update the latest images in Plant Vs Zombies.


A coloring page featuring Gargantuar carrying a baby on his shoulders from the game franchise “Plants vs. Zombies” would be a fun and fun scene to color. Gargantuar is a tall, terrifying zombie known for his immense size and strength. He wears a road sign as a makeshift shield and uses a telephone pole as a weapon. Gargantua’s baby, “Imp”, is a small, naughty zombie with a playful personality. He often rode on his father’s shoulders, enjoying the view from above. The little Devil might be pulling his father’s shoulders with both hands. When coloring Gargantuar and his child Imp, kids can use bold colors for Gargantuar’s zombie skin and clothes. For baby Imp, they can use lighter colors and add a playful touch to their expressions.

Gargantuar Coloring Page

Gargantuar Coloring Page


If you’ve watched Plant Vs Zombie, the image of a bean plant with three heads becomes familiar to many people. Threepeater is a bean-shooting plant with three heads on one stem. Each head is like a pea, and all three are in a ready position to shoot the pea. Threepeater’s three heads in this coloring page have cute and playful expressions, giving the character a charming and adorable look. Children can use different shades of green to color the stems and leaves of the plant. Children can choose bright colors for pea pods and peas to stand out more. The background can be colored green or other colors to create an attractive and harmonious scene.

Threepeater Coloring PageThreepeater Coloring Page

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Sheet

You will see a scene far from the game Plants Vs. Zombies setting. Here, Zombie, pig, and Plant are no longer rivals but become close friends. They are walking together on a merry Christmas day. The setting depicts a snowy winter wonderland with snow-covered hills, trees, and houses. Peashooters can be adorned with colorful decorations. The scene will show the fun of the Plants vs. universe. Zombies, at the same time, embrace the festive Christmas atmosphere.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Sheet

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Sheet


Zomboni is a zombie that rides on the surface of Zamboni ice and poses a significant threat to the player’s defenses. However, she will be depicted with a humorous and assertive expression riding a Zomboni ice-resurfacing device. This zombie has a unique design with a smooth, flat front and a container of defrosting chemicals. This is an opportunity for children to imagine Zomboni’s antics on the ice rink while defending against the player’s plants.

Zomboni Coloring PageZomboni Coloring Page

Plants Vs Zombies Printable Coloring Pages

In the middle of the garden, draw a prominent Rose flower standing tall and elegant. The Rose is wearing her iconic pink sunglasses with a confident, sassy expression. Her petals are a vibrant shade of pink, with delicate gradients that give them depth and texture. Rose can be at the center of this vibrant flower tapestry, exuding her confident and determined personality. The various flowers around her create a delightful visual contrast, and their diverse colors and shapes bring the garden to life.

Plants Vs Zombies Printablle Coloring Pages

Plants Vs Zombies Printable Coloring Pages

How To Draw Plant Vs Zombie

Plants Vs Zombies have bean plants with guns. They can shoot bullets and kill zombies who want to enter the house. In the game will appear many species of trees, flowers, sun, and fruits with many different functions to prevent the attack of zombies. The gun image is the most popular and familiar when we join the game. The video below will show you how to draw Snow Pea.

Snow Pea is a great plant to use in the early game when you are still trying to build up your defenses. They are effective against all zombies and can help you slow them down and give you time to plant other plants. In the game, the Snow Pea is a reference to the real-life snow pea, which is a type of pea that is typically green in color. The snow pea in Plants vs. Zombies is slightly darker green than the real-life snow pea, but it still believes the same general color. You can learn How To draw Plant Vs Zombie step by step through our detailed article or download the coloring pages to print and have fun coloring moments.


Above is all the valuable information about the collection of Plant Vs Zombie coloring pages. These promise to provide a fun and engaging activity for fans of the popular video game franchise. It is constantly growing and evolving, so there will be many more new characters in the future. In part Plant Vs Zombie 2, you can see more about Papyrus or Boxy Boo. Always visit our website to keep updated with what’s new and exciting.

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