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Present Mic Coloring Pages

Present Mic coloring pages are ready for you to download or print all Present Mic hero images for free.

Present Mic real name is Hizashi Yamada, is a Pro Hero who’s an English teacher at U.A. High School.

Hizashi is a tall, thin man with long, slicked-back blond hair and a slight mustache. He wears headphones with the words “HAGE” printed on the headband and a pair of sunglasses. When exposed, his eyes look like concentric circles. He always appeared with a smile on his face.

His hero costume consists of a black coat with a button-up collar spiked shoulder belt, black pants with a red belt, a pair of black boots, and black open-toed gloves. His neck is entirely enclosed by a set of speakers.

Yamada Hizashi maintains the eccentric persona of a radio host. He often poses when he talks and maintains a certain level of excitement or volume, regardless of the situation.

Present Mic will be a great inspiration for coloring activities from Present Mic’s fun and energetic. You can explore more My Hero Academia coloring pages to collect images of your favorite characters from the My Hero Academia anime.

Coloring activities will help children develop artistic creativity, release energy and create the most wonderful works of art possible.

Let your kids explore, enjoy and freely express their creativity now. Have fun!

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