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Join the albatross Oona, brother Baba and their group of friends to learn about nature, friendship, and family with the free printable Puffin Rock coloring pages below.

Puffin Rock follows the adventures of Oona, Baba’s younger brother, and their family and friends on an unspoiled and beautiful Irish island. Oona, Baba, and friends discover the wonders of Seagull Mountain together, like octopuses, shooting stars, snow, dragonflies, and more; they learn and grow together.

The adventures of Oona, Baba, and a group of beautiful friends, such as Silky the seal, Otto the owl, May rabbit, and Mossy the mouse, will be an excellent coloring theme for the little ones. The cute and funny pictures of animals will surely attract children, inspiring them to have fun with crayons.

Through the Puffin Rock coloring sheets, children can learn many more interesting things from their cute little friends Oona, Baba, Silky, Otto, and May. Discover the wonders of nature and a great friendship from the lovely children in the animated movie Puffin Rock right now. Lots of opportunities for kids to show off their creativity on fun coloring sheets. Enjoy exploring the world of colors on Puffin Rock coloring sheets right now. Have fun!

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