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Angry Birds was developed in 2009 and started as a series of casual puzzle video games. It became trendy the following year, achieving over 12 million downloads. Due to its popularity, it was later adapted into “The Angry Birds Movie.”
Angry Birds have been a phenomenon for people around the world. But unfortunately, the game is no longer available for download. So we created and compiled red Angry Bird protagonist printable pages to bring them back to life. These red Angry Bird coloring pages make artistic activities more fun and easy. Pick an image you like, print it, and finally, the funniest part is coloring it!

Top Best Red Angry Bird Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color!

1. Red Angry Bird For Kids

The red Angry Bird is the main character and is often considered the group leader. Its round body, tiny wings, and thick red outer coat characterize it. It possesses no special abilities like other birds in the game but is considered the most basic and recognizable character. Some of our red Angry Bird coloring pages depict the most basic appearance of the character, suitable for children. When coloring, you can see the illustration of a red Angry Bird to choose the right scheme. 

2. Adorable Red Angry Bird

Some of our coloring pages can depict an adorable version of red Angry Birds. It maintains its round body and basic structure but has a softer and cuter aesthetic. Instead of an angry expression, the bird’s face showed a friendly and cheerful smile. Its eyes are large and expressive, conveying a feeling of warmth and playfulness. The adorable red Angry Bird is depicted in various poses, such as standing with one leg up, looking up curiously, or even holding an egg. This lovely version can be incorporated into children’s artwork, merchandise, or media, engaging a younger audience and creating a more cheerful and playful atmosphere.

3. Red Angry Bird And The Slingshot

The red Angry Bird illustration and slingshot can introduce the iconic gameplay element of the Angry Birds game. And we also provide a coloring page that describes this for you. The Slingshot is a simple wooden structure with rubber bands designed to propel the bird forward. It is displayed in an extended position, indicating an upcoming red Angry Bird.

4. Red Angry Bird With An Egg

In the red Angry Bird with an egg coloring page, we can depict a heartwarming scene that shows the protective and nurturing nature of the bird. The red Angry Bird is depicted holding a small, fragile egg in its wings. The bird’s expression is tender, emphasizing its emotional relationship with the egg. Its eyes can be warm and tender, reflecting its protective instincts. When painting, the color of this bird is a vibrant red, while the egg will be a light color, such as a soft blue or green, symbolizing the new life contained within it.

5. Red Angry Bird With Green Pig

Our coloring page illustrates the red Angry Bird tying a pig. The bird’s rounded body and red outer coat remain intact, while its eyes show focus and determination. The Green Pig, known as one of the enemies in the game Angry Birds, can be depicted with a surprised or confused expression. Its eyes may be wide open, and its mouth slightly open in surprise. To illustrate the action of tying a pig, the red Angry Bird can be shown with a piece of string in its hand. 

Red Angry Bird Coloring Pages – Which Will You Choose?

These red Angry Bird coloring pages will take you on an exciting adventure with the bird in many different expressions and styles. We hope you can enjoy a great moment with these printable sheets with your friends and family. In addition to this character, you can refer to Chuck Angry Bird coloring pages. We are constantly updating our website and uploading new content. So remember to keep revisiting our website to see printable sheets with various themes.

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