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Last Updated: December 8, 2023

Enjoy these 190 free Santa Claus coloring pages with your children to enjoy the holiday spirit! Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus slides down the chimney to bring gifts to every child. There’s no more appealing Christmas coloring theme than this iconic character.

This collection will feature various Santa Claus coloring sheets in his classic red suit and hat, often surrounded by Christmas gifts and reindeer.

Others depict Santa Claus in a cartoon style with a joyful expression or appearing with white snow scenes and other popular Christmas characters such as angels, reindeer, and snowmen. No matter your age or skill level, there are sure to be plenty of Santa coloring pages you’ll love.

Our high-quality coloring pages are easy to access, download, print, and share without fees. So unleash your imagination as you add your touch to these free coloring pages and create unique and vibrant images of Santa’s jolly presence.

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5 Exciting Activities With Free Printable Santa Claus Coloring Pages

Almost every child loves Santa Claus. So, let’s turn our themed coloring pages into craft projects and educational activities with the suggestions below.

Make Santa Claus Gift Tags

Our Santa Claus coloring sheets are perfect for that last-minute Christmas party when you need a gift card and don’t have time to go buy one.

You can make it unique and special by having your kids color pages with Santa Claus. Then, select the smallest size on the printer to print.

Once you’re happy with your colors, cut out the Santa images and punch a hole at each image’s top.

The next step is to thread the ribbon through each hole. Finally, write the recipient’s name and message on the back of each gift card.

You can add glitter or stickers to the gift card to make it more beautiful.

Send A Secret Christmas Message

If you have young children who still love Santa, why not use our illustrations to write Dear Santa letters in the lead-up to Christmas?

You can choose a coloring page that shows Santa commanding his reindeer, Santa holding a gift bag, or decorating a tree. Then, let children color them using the available tools.

Write your secret Christmas message to Santa on a piece of white paper. When the ink is dry, paste the secret message on the back of the colored picture and put it in an envelope.

Ensure your child writes the sender’s name before sending it to the North Pole! 

Have A Santa Claus Coloring Contest

Santa coloring contests are a fun family activity or a way to connect with friends. To start the idea, you must prepare the necessary items, including Santa Claus coloring pages, coloring supplies, and prizes for the winners.

You will print out multiple copies of each coloring page so everyone can enter the contest. Set up contest rules such as timing, judging criteria, and prizes for winners.

Give everyone coloring pages and let them color. After time runs out, evaluate the entries based on established criteria.

You can have a panel of judges or let everyone vote for their favorite painting. After choosing the winner, announce the results and award prizes.

Create A Santa Claus With A Fur Hat And Beard

You only need cotton balls and glue for a fun craft for preschoolers. Let your child color an illustration of Santa Claus, but instead of just leaving his beard and hat parts white, they can glue cotton balls onto it.

Then, cut out the Santa Claus shape along the contour. Let your child stick cotton balls randomly or in a certain pattern.

Make Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun activity helps children develop logical thinking, fine motor skills, and patience. Print out your favorite Santa coloring page and let your kids color it.

You will cut the coloring page into pieces in many different shapes and glue them onto cardboard. Divide children into groups or play individually.

Give each group or individual a set of puzzle pieces and ask children to put the puzzle pieces together to form Santa Claus. The team or individual who completes the puzzle first will win.

Children can receive many developmental benefits by incorporating coloring black and white Santa Claus pages into their activities. We are excited to see the finished products from the children’s ideas. We believe children will bring something new and unique to these Santa coloring sheets.If you have any products you want to share, don’t hesitate to send them to us. Our website is non-commercial, so you do not have to worry about copyright or related issues.

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