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Last Updated: December 23, 2023

Our 76 free Christmas tree coloring pages are perfect for the festive fun that is approaching. Like many families, you are also eagerly waiting to put up the Christmas tree in early December.

However, to enjoy the festive atmosphere, download and print these Christmas tree coloring sheets now and participate in exciting activities. All pages are completely free to download, print, and share.

With this theme, you can choose images that depict a simple Christmas tree or with ornaments. Others feature animals, like bears and rabbits, around a Christmas tree.

Some Christmas tree coloring pictures also include Santa Claus images and his reindeer. They allow little ones to practice their artistic talents to fill pictures with bright colors and match the festive atmosphere.

To choose a coloring page, click on the image or link below. You can choose to download all the coloring pages or select one. In the print dialog box, select the number of copies and the paper size you want.

You can also color online right in your web browser. All pages are high quality and in the same format, so it’s easy to work with.


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5 Exciting Activities With Free Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Christmas trees are loved by many children. You can check out the fun activities below to get the most out of these themed coloring pages.

Create A Mobile Christmas Tree

This craft idea is very simple and cheap if you want to decorate your classroom or home without worrying about the cost.

First, print out multiple copies of the Christmas tree coloring page and let your child color them to their liking. Then, you will cut the pine tree shapes out of the page and attach them to a piece of string.

Finally, hang the string on a piece of cardboard to create a portable tree for the upcoming festival.

Design Chritsmas Cards

Any of our Christmas tree coloring pages can be used to design a personalized greeting card.

After printing your favorite pages, color them individually and cut out the pine tree image from the page. In the next step, you will fold a piece of cardboard in half to create a card.

Glue the colorful Christmas tree onto the front of the card. The last thing is to write a message inside and send it to your loved ones. This unique card will definitely make the recipient extremely touched and grateful.

Play The Christmas Tree Puzzle Game

You can find many Christmas tree coloring sheets in different themes to make this a fun game. After printing them, you will use your favorite colors to paint them.

You can use crayons, markers, or even paint to make the colors vibrant and carefully cut the colored Christmas trees into smaller pieces. You must make sure not to damage the images.

Next, place the cut pieces in a box or bag and mix them well. Try to combine the Christmas tree puzzle without looking at the original image by matching the pieces and their corresponding colors.

This activity provides an entertaining and engaging way for the holiday season and helps develop memory ability and problem-solving skills.

You can also take this opportunity to teach children about colors, shapes, and puzzles.

Design A Bookmark

This DIY project provides a fun and creative activity for children and adults during the holiday season and enhances their love of reading.

You will color the printed Christmas tree coloring sheets with the tones you like and glue the tree onto a piece of cardboard. Ensure the glue spreads evenly to avoid wrinkling or air bubbles.

You’ll cut carefully around the tree, leaving a small cardboard border for added durability. Punch a hole in the top of the tree and thread the ribbon through it. This will serve as the tassel of the bookmark.

Finally, your Christmas Tree bookmark is now ready to use. Put it in your favorite book to make your mark.

Finding Picture Game

This activity provides children with an engaging and interactive game, encouraging them to explore and be active during the holidays.

To start the game, you choose different Christmas tree coloring pages and print them on the appropriate paper. You’ll then place the printed coloring pages in various hidden locations around the room. Let’s ensure they’re partially visible but still hard to find.

Have children find hidden coloring pages. The first child to find a page can return it to the designated area. Finally, you will ask your child to color that picture and win.

We hope you’ve found the best Christmas tree coloring sheets to unleash creativity! You can use these coloring pages for hours of coloring fun with educational activities. They are great for children and adults of all ages.

If you have more suggestions for content and design ideas for coloring pages, please share them with us. We will turn those ideas into quality products according to your wishes.

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