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Do you like genies? Beautiful goddesses are available at Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages. Discover the most amazing coloring pages right now.

Shimmer and Shine is an American animated television series. “Shimmer and Shine” revolve around Leah, a young and vibrant girl; The genie Shimmer and Shine are twin sisters. In addition, Leah has a neighbor – her best friend is Zac.

Leah is a blonde with green eyes who owns a necklace and a genie bottle of Shimmer and Shine.

Shimmer – An optimistic genie with blue eyes and pink hair. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. She loves to clean, sparkle, and collect divine bottles. Her pet is an ape named Tala.

And Shine – A courageous genie with purple eyes and blue hair. She is an animal lover and is often hungry. Her pet is a Bengal tiger cub named Nahal.

In addition to the above characters, you can also own coloring pages about some pets such as Roya – Princess Samira’s pet, Leah’s pet fox Parisa, and the evil witch Zeta’s talking dragon Nazboo.

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