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SK8 the Infinity coloring pages with attractive images mainly attract those who love anime and sports, exhilarating and adventurous skateboarding races. We bring you coloring sheets inspired by the SK8, the Infinity anime series with mysterious and dangerous racing. If you’re an explorer, check out our SK8, the Infinity sheets.

SK8 the Infinity is a Japanese television anime series produced by Bones and broadcast on the channel block fantastic!!! Of Asahi Broadcasting Group and TV channel Asahi from January 10, 2021.

At an abandoned mine, there is an underworld skateboarding race called “S,” held at midnight, and only those involved are allowed to participate.

Langa is a 2nd-year high school transfer student from Canada with a previous passion for skiing. Langa is attracted to a boy who loves skateboarding, Reki. Reki Kyan taught them to skate from the basics; they became close friends, participating in tournaments in “S” and getting caught up in dangerous races.

They gradually discovered that there were still dangerous things inside and became acquainted with talented skaters and early skaters of “S.” But Reki was still afraid for Langa; he was worried that Langa would be too passionate to forget the danger and would be like his previous friend. The curtain about the dangerous skateboarding race between the Skaters began to be lifted.

A person who loves adventure and thinks playing is for fun is constantly worried about his friend. What’s your favorite character in this SK8 anime series? SK8 the Infinity coloring pages are based on Japanese cartoons; you can choose your favorite coloring sheets and make them more unique and outstanding. Don’t miss our free printable Haikyuu coloring pages if you love sports anime.

Lots of Anime coloring pages are waiting for you to color. Explore outstanding coloring pages and color your favorite characters right now. Have fun!

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