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Smurfs Coloring Pages

Smurfs Coloring Pages include pictures of little blue creatures in mushroom houses in the woods that keep kids excited.

With this unique collection of coloring pages, kids can draw Smurfs, Vexy, Papa, Grumpy, Brainy, and many more.

There are many Cartoon Coloring Pages for you to choose from. And these Smurfs coloring pages would be an excellent idea for the kids to color.

The Smurfs is a Belgian comic book series centered on a fictional colony of small, blue anthropomorphic creatures that live in mushroom houses in the woods.

Featuring more than 100 Smurf characters, you’ll come across Jokey Smurf – who loves to play practical jokes with his colleagues; Smurfette – the first female Smurf introduced in the series.

The Smurfs wore Phrygian hats and more.

It’s fantastic with unique cartoon character coloring pages. Please choose your favorite coloring pages to download or print and color. Crayons, attractive coloring pages are waiting for you to play with them. Enjoy the same artistic colors right now. Have fun!

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