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Spirited Away Coloring Pages

A story of adventure and exploration but not involving weapons or battles involving supernatural powers, nor a story about the struggle between good and evil or right and wrong; if you are curious, check out our free printable Spirited Away coloring pages below.

A journey with valuable lessons about friendship and loyalty and knowing how to use your understanding to cope with difficulties. When we are pushed into a world where good and evil do not have a clear line but blend, we need to be strong enough to overcome the difficulties and thorns that fate has brought set out for us.

Spirited Away is a story about a little girl Chihiro’s journey into the sacred land, full of spiritual beauty and full of mysteries. Inspired by Spirited Away, a 2001 Japanese coming-of-age Japanese animated film, we bring you the highlights of 10-year-old Chihiro and other Spirited Away characters coloring for the little ones.

A ten-year-old girl, always surrounded and protected from dangers, Chihiro must learn to change herself to cope with the current difficulties and obstacles to break the curse of the witch Yubaba and return with her parents to the real world.

Chihiro has learned to survive and survive through many new difficulties. We want to bring these excellent messages to the little ones when coloring. This journey is not only for ten-year-old Chihiro but also a journey for ourselves. Let the kids feel the meaningful messages from Chihiro’s story by having them color the Spirited Away coloring sheets.

All coloring pages are free to download or print; give your kids lots of coloring pages to experiment with different colors on their favorite coloring sheets. Have fun with your crayons and create your way now. Have fun!

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