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About Star Wars Coloring Pages

Star Wars is a film series created by George Lucas. It shows the adventures of various characters in a galaxy far, far away in a long time ago. The film depicts the events in an unnamed fictional galaxy. There are many species of alien creatures; Robotic droids are built to serve their owners. "The Force" is one of the prominent elements of film; it is an omnipresent energy and be those who have ability harness. Users are allowed to perform different supernatural feats like: precognition, mind control, clairvoyance ... physical traits. Through training, these abilities will be improved. In addition to, beside advantages of The Force, it also had disadvantages; it imbues users with aggression, hatred and malevolence. There are 2 main characters: Jedi and Sith. Jedi is use light side to protect peace, Sith is use the dark side for evil who want to destroy the Jedi Order and rule the galaxy. Step into the world of Star Wars and discover the interesting facts. Play Star Wars coloring games with the colorful pages and catching eyes. We supply a wide range of coloring Star Wars pictures that you can download, print or play them online. Have fun!