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Tangled is a great animated movie with the main character being the beautiful princess Rapunzel. Let's discover interesting things in Tangled Coloring Pages. A princess was born with beautiful blonde hair capable of healing all wounds. And the princess is kidnapped by the witch, and she is named "Rapunzel," who raised her as her own child in a remote tower. Every year, on the evening of the princess's birthday, the king and queen honor her by releasing thousands of lanterns into the sky, hoping that their missing princess will return one day, about. From the window of the secret tower, Rapunzel passionately watches those "flying lights" every year, and she always longs to know what that light is. On his eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel begs Gothel to let him go outside the tower to see what the annual flying light really is, but Gothel, as usual, refuses with excuses that the world out there is too dangerous for her. Learn more about Tangled coloring pages at https://coloringpagesonly.com/article/tangled-coloring-pages Brave, beautiful with her long hair is attractive enough for you to color. You can also explore Rapunzel coloring pages and princess coloring pages to color more beautiful princess pictures. Have fun!
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