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Tangled Coloring Pages: A special gift for big fans of fairy princesses

Coloring pages Tangled include many pictures of beautiful characters. Becoming a princess in a fairy tale is the dream of all little girls. Who can’t fall in love with gorgeous dresses, twinkling shoes, and a pretty face? No one can. Let’s remember our childhood when we are told fairy tales at bedtime.

The scene with a castle, a beautiful princess, and a handsome prince lured our little souls. And even when we grow up, we still want to be the princess of our prince. It means all girls and women want to be princesses. If you have a little girl, don’t forget to tell her about our childhood stories. We believe that she will love them and have a similar dream.

If you want your baby girl to love fairy princesses like you, let her watch Tangled – a perfect movie for girls. And don’t forget to give her Tangled pictures to color. Everything can be found on our Tangled Coloring Pages.

Tangled – The dream world of every little girl

It is true because Tangled is about a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. Do you find it familiar? Yes, Rapunzel is one of the most famous princesses of the Walt Disney brand. With Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Ponka Hontas, Rapunzel became a legendary princess of the fairy world.

Rapunzel is a princess who was born with long blonde hair. Her hair is magical because it can heal any wound. Unfortunately, she is kidnapped and named Rapunzel by the witch who raised her in a remote tower. Each year, her parents, King and Queen, hold a festival and release lanterns into the sky. They hope their lanterns make their wish come true and their missing daughter will return.

They don’t know that Rapunzel is looking at the sky full of flying lights in a remote land. And on her 18th birthday, Rapunzel left the tower to find where these flying lights came from. Her journey is full of interesting, funny, and emotional moments. Moreover, many valuable messages are hidden behind each moment.

Therefore, they can help your kids learn many things, and they can become good people. Mainly, Tangled is a story about family love, friendship, braveness, and the will to protect people. It is a valuable lesson for all children, especially for little girls.

Coloring Tangle Coloring Pages – The Route for a talented child

If you have thought coloring is just a usual hobby and is only for entertainment. You’re mistaken because coloring is one of the best solutions to help children develop their potential abilities.

You won’t ever know your children can paint or design something if you don’t allow them to approach something related to art. Therefore, coloring will be the first step for your kids to explore the talents inside them.

Encouraging children to be more creative:

No one can deny the benefits of creativity, but not everyone can unleash it. They are afraid that your creative idea will be criticized, or they are not trained to be creative. These people won’t get far on their career path because, in the era of 4.0, being creative is compulsory in any field.

Of course, no parents want their children to fall into this situation. Therefore, let your kids get acquainted with coloring from now on. Your kids will have to learn the meanings of each color and how to mix them to get the best effect. Also, they have to imagine every detail to reflect their pictures.

Helping children maintain a good hobby:

There are good and bad hobbies. Unfortunately, getting used to bad hobbies is easier than good hobbies. Nowadays, most children tend to use smart devices all day, and it has a severe influence on their vision. However, having children stop using these devices is not easy. It would be best to start with what they like – an animated movie like Tangled. If they like watching Tangled, they will voluntarily color their favorite characters. Regularly, they will have a new hobby and stay away from digital devices.

Making children feel the family’s love:

Although modern society forces you to work harder, don’t forget you have children. They don’t need money; they need your love and care. If your children love coloring, you should spend a few hours sitting down and helping them. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to paint; you can tell them the plot of Tangled, and it will work immediately.


Hopefully, you find something interesting about Rapunzel Princess in Tangled and our the Tangled Coloring Page. All our pictures are free, and you can download them anytime.

We guarantee their qualities are high, and they are easy to color. We wish you and your children a great time with our coloring pages! Discovering beautiful with her long hair is attractive enough for you to color. You can also explore many unique characters in Disney : Frozen, Moana, and Sleeping Beauty coloring pages to color more beautiful princess pictures.

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