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Join a group of funny animals, led by the clever squirrel Surly, on a massive dry nut heist on The Nut Job coloring pages below.

The Nut Job is a fun movie about the super funny adventures of Surly, a mischievous squirrel in a city park, and his best friend Buddy the mouse. After accidentally destroying the winter food supplies of the residents of Liberty Park, Surly, a purple squirrel, is banished to the streets of Oakton. The sly squirrel Surly and his close mouse friend Buddy discovered a dry nut store and planned a robbery at a county store. On the way to the dry seeds, Surly also begins his adventure and unexpectedly finds more valuable things than his original goal.

In The Nut Job, heroes and bad guys, challenging rescues, and indispensable chase scenes filled with laughter. The children will be fascinated with the chase scenes between Surly, the rats, and the gentle mouse friend who is always by Surly’s side.

The Nut Job is a good and meaningful animated film for children. And The Nut Job coloring sheets will be an excellent theme for the little ones to color.

In addition to Surly the squirrel, the innocent, silly, and kind Buddy mouse, the brave but funny Grayson, and the stubborn, principled Andie. Surly and friends will bring the little ones an adventure that cannot be more exciting.

The Nut Job upholds the spirit of solidarity, trust, and friendship regardless of difficulties or events. Buddy did not leave Surly alone, always appearing and accompanying the squirrel on every mission.

The Nut Job shows the mouse Buddy’s great friendship with his squirrel friend Surly and Andie’s trust after the big incident for Surly.

Collect The Nut Job coloring pages now and let your kids get creative with the cute and funny animals in The Nut Job animated series. The children will be highly interested in the animals in the coloring activity. Parents can collect more animals at our animal coloring pages and get more cartoon characters at our free cartoon coloring pages. Have fun!

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