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Unicorn Cat Coloring Pages

Last Updated: July 25, 2023

Unicorns and cats, two mystical creatures that have captivated our imaginations for centuries, come together in a delightful fusion known as the Unicorn Cat. These enchanting beings possess the grace and elegance of a unicorn, combined with the mischievousness and adorability of a feline. What better way to explore the magical realm of Unicorn Cats than through the medium of coloring pages? In this article, we will dive into the whimsical world of Unicorn Cat coloring pages, providing you with an extensive collection that will spark your creativity.

What Is Special About Unicorn Cat That Attracts Children?

Unicorn cats are mythical and magical creatures that are a combination of two beloved creatures – unicorn and cat. Like the unicorn, it has a single horn on its forehead, which is said to have magical powers. Unicorn cats are often depicted in various colors, with sparkles and shimmers adding to their magical appearance. Each unicorn cat has its unique personality, just like real cats, making them lovable and approachable.

In folklore and mythology, unicorn cats are associated with magic, mystery, and luck. As a result, unicorn cats have become popular fantasy pets in books, cartoons, and various forms of media, capturing the imaginations of both children and adults. Kids can have endless fun pretending to have unicorn cats as pets, riding them on magical quests, and using their powers of imagination to make their playtime even more special.

Unicorn cats are unique creatures that can appeal to children to color. They are cute, magical, unique, colorful, and creative. These qualities make them ideal characters for coloring pages and other children’s activities.

Top Popular Unicorn Cat Coloring Pages

 Unicorn Cat coloring pages offer various poses, from regal and majestic to playful and mischievous. Whether you prefer a Unicorn Cat sitting gracefully with its tail curled around it or a naughty one caught mid-leap, there is a pose to suit every mood and artistic preference. One of the most exciting aspects of our coloring pages is the freedom to experiment with colors. These Unicorn Cat coloring pages provide the perfect canvas to unleash your wildest color combinations. Break free from the traditional color palette and imagine a Unicorn Cat with vibrant rainbow hues or a pastel-colored beauty that would make even the most discerning unicorn jealous. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Unicorn Cat Crayola

Crayola Unicorn Cat is drawn with a playful and adorable expression, capturing the magic of unicorns and the cuteness of a cat. It has a unicorn horn on its forehead and adorable cat ears on the top of its head, representing the magical union of both creatures. The eyes of this unicorn cat are round and glittering. You can use a vibrant color palette, dark pink for the mane and blue for the tail. Or you can be free to be as creative as you like.

Unicorn Cat Crayola Coloring PageUnicorn Cat Crayola Coloring Page

Unicorn Cat Lies On The Rainbow

This coloring sheet portrays a delightful and magical scene where a charming Unicorn Cat lies comfortably on a colorful rainbow, surrounded by a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere. The Unicorn Cat was drawn with a relaxed and content expression, showcasing the fusion of a unicorn’s grace and a cat’s coziness. It has a unicorn horn on its forehead, expressive cat eyes, and a flowing mane with colorful accents. The rainbow can be painted with vibrant and distinct colors, arching gracefully across the coloring sheet. Each rainbow color can be vividly depicted, creating a cheerful and eye-catching backdrop.

Unicorn Cat Lies On The Rainbow Coloring PageUnicorn Cat Lies On The Rainbow Coloring Page

Mermaid Cat Unicorn

This coloring page combines mythological and enchanting elements of mermaids, cats, and unicorns, creating a strange and imaginative scene that sparks creativity and magical dreams. This charming figure embodies the traits of all three mythical creatures. It has a mermaid tail, cat ears, and unicorn horns, combining the beauty and charm of each creature. Children can combine shades of blue, purple, pink, and pastels to create an ethereal, dreamlike look.Mermaid Cat Unicorn Coloring Page

Mermaid Cat Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorn Cat With Rainbow Pillow

This lovely coloring page features a cute Unicorn cat sitting on top of a fluffy cotton cloud, surrounded by a quaint and dreamlike atmosphere. The little Unicorn cat’s mischievous and innocent expression shows its lovely charm. It has large expressive eyes and a cute little unicorn horn on its forehead. The cloud is drawn with soft, curved edges like a cotton pillow. It serves as a comfortable and dreamy resting place for baby Unicorn Cat. Behind it is a rainbow image. Consider using light blues, pinks, and purples for the background to enhance the magical atmosphere.

Unicorn Cat With Rainbow Pillow Coloring PageUnicorn Cat With Rainbow Pillow Coloring Page

Sad Unikitty Cat Lego

You will see a completely different style of Unikitty. This unicorn cat is in Lego style with sad and emotional expressions. It encourages children to explore emotions and express their creativity through coloring. For this coloring sheet, Unikitty’s eyes can be depicted with a downward gaze and a frowning mouth, showing her sad feelings. Capture the essence of LEGO’s block design by combining simple shapes and lines to create Unikitty’s body. The coloring page emphasizes the LEGO-like look of her features, such as her tail and ears.

Sad Unikitty Cat Lego Coloring PageSad Unikitty Cat Lego Coloring Page

How To Draw Unicorn Cat

Unicorn Cat’s purity and cuteness attract everyone’s love. We find Unicorn Cat to be easy to draw and creative. So we have a How To Draw Unicorn Cat video tutorial for kids. Parents and children can watch, memorize and practice according to our actions. We will draw a colorful Unicorn Cat image. This little unicorn cat will have horns and fur on its head, a long tail, and two wings. We used white to color the body of this cartoon character and colorful colors for the horns and tail of the Unicorn Cat. White is the color that represents purity and innocence. However, children can choose their favorite color to color the picture.


Unicorn Cat coloring pages are a whimsical and delightful way to explore the magical fusion of unicorns and cats. These enchanting creatures hold a special place in our hearts and imaginations with their unique blend of grace, elegance, and mischievousness. By immersing ourselves in Unicorn Cat, we unlock the power of creativity and imagination, allowing us to create our own stories and bring these magical beings to life.  If you want to see more exciting cartoon coloring pages, we suggest Kawaii, Pete The Cat, Gnome, Barney and Friends, or Miffy. They are both characters that children can relate to and enjoy.

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