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Travel across the galaxy and go on a fantastic adventure beyond your imagination with these free Wall-E coloring pages.

An Earth is dying in a sea of ​​garbage; a humanity that once inhabited this beautiful planet had to leave it. Wall-E is a robot designed to handle waste on Earth. One day, Wall-E met the robot Eve and fell in love; he decided to follow her on an adventure into space.

Wall-E is an animated sci-fi and romance film produced by Pixar Animation Studios in 2008. Don’t give up on our unique Wall-E coloring sheets if you love this movie. In the adventure journey into space, the robot Wall-E and the robot Eve have lost their beautiful colors; only the children can help them regain their old colors. And the little friends can help Wall-E and Eve put on more vibrant colors on their adventure across the galaxy.

Little friends, grab your crayons and color now. Have fun!

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