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Yoshi Coloring Pages introduces you to the best images of Yoshi. Do you know this Yoshi character? Explore with us now. Yoshi is a dinosaur, a character from the Mario series. First appearing in 1990, Yoshi is one of the most prominent characters in the Mario series. Yoshi is green (but sometimes it's red, yellow, pink, blue, black, white). He had a round nose like a ball, chubby cheeks, three ridges on his back, a saddle, and a long tongue. Yoshi's long tongue can extend a considerable distance to cannibalize enemies, grab at distant objects, or act as a grappling hook to reach out-of-reach areas. Yoshi lives in the Mushroom Kingdom with his friends Mario and Luigi. Yoshi is courageous and friendly, always ready to help someone in trouble. Yoshi has many abilities that stand out from the other characters. After eating an enemy or object, Yoshi can spit it out to attack or swallow it to turn it into a distinctive speckled egg instantly. It can then throw the egg at distant targets to collect or be damaged, and depending on the game, it can explode on impact or shatter to the surface of the ground. Another signature technique is "Flutter Jump," which is the act of quickly clapping one's arms and legs to slow down from a jump or even increase altitude in the air. Yoshi's large, round, ball-like nose detects hidden collectibles and flowers by smelling, and Yoshi can be used as an offensive weapon. Yoshi creates an egg around himself, which he uses to protect himself from attacks or move by rolling or launching himself, which is also a special ability. The rainbow streak behind the ball or related to the rainbow in some way appears to be from Yoshi's special hits. Yoshi is delightful and lovely. Choose Yoshi's cutest, funniest coloring pages to add to your collection. Use colors to create the cutest and most amazing Yoshi. Have fun!
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