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In this category, you will find 12 Koopa Troopa coloring pages designed by us that are completely free to print or download. The collection includes different expressions and styles of characters.
The Koopas have become iconic and popular characters in the Super Mario Bros franchise, appearing in numerous games, spin-offs, and other media adaptations. They are recognized as one of Mario’s most frequent and recognizable enemies.
The Koopa character brings many creative possibilities to coloring pages. Kids can choose various colors to bring these characters to life, experimenting with different skin and shell tones to personalize their Koopa Troopa printable sheets.

Koopa Troopa Coloring Pages – Best Printables

Our fantastic site offers one of the largest collections of free Koopa coloring pages for kids to print and download. Coloring pictures is very beneficial for children because it helps to enhance the ability to complete tasks well, recognize colors, and stimulate and increase each child’s creativity. These coloring sheets of various sizes are always a great source of entertainment and fun for kids, as they can have a good time filling the pages with colors. You can browse through all the pages to find the best coloring sheets and enjoy coloring all available on

1. Koopa Troopa Is Driving A Motorcycle

Koopa Troopa Pictures

Koopa Troopa Driving A Motorcycle is a fun coloring page showcasing this turtle-like character’s adventurous spirit from Super Mario Bros. In this scene, Koopa Troopa is depicted riding a motorbike, getting ready for some fast-paced action. The motorcycle can be designed with sleek lines and details that showcase the speed and power of the vehicle.

When coloring the scene, children can choose vibrant colors for the Koopa Troopa and the motorcycle. They can experiment with different color combinations, allowing their creativity to shine. They can add dynamic effects like moving lines or sparks to emphasize the speed and excitement of the scene. This printable coloring provides an excellent opportunity for kids to interact with their favorite Super Mario.

2. Koopa Troopa Poster

Koopa Troopa Images

This great coloring page allows you to create a Koopa Troopa poster. The poster is designed with bold lines and a large image of Koopa Troopa. It is shown in an energetic pose or with a confident expression to showcase its mischievous and adventurous nature. Beneath Koopa Troopa’s portrait is a stylized line of the character’s iconic name. You can choose vibrant and contrasting colors when coloring this poster to make Koopa Troopa stand out. Coloring the Koopa Troopa poster allows you to have fun, show off your artistic skills, and show your love for the Super Mario Bros. Once completed, the poster can be proudly displayed on your wall, reminding you of your creativity and admiration for Koopa Troopa.

3. Koopa Troopa Crossing Arms

Printable Koopa Troopa

This engaging coloring page showcases the unique personality of Super Mario Bros. In this scene, Koopa Troopa is depicted with her arms crossed, conveying a sense of determination and confidence. When coloring, you can experiment with different palettes to create your unique version of Koopa Troopa. Coloring him in this pose allows you to explore your creativity and attention to detail. It helps to develop your fine motor skills and concentration as you carefully color each part. You can also let your imagination run wild and imagine the world in which Koopa Troopa resides, adding your personal touches to the scene.

4. Happy Koopa Troopa

Super Mario Koopa Troopa
In the Koopa coloring pages collection, we designed a fun page that captures the fun and naughty side of this iconic Super Mario Bros character. In this scene, Koopa Troopa is depicted with a big smile, arms outstretched, and one leg bent, depicting the act of jubilation. You pay attention to details and use bright colors to express their playful expression. Let the joy and positivity of Koopa Troopa inspire you as you bring this coloring page to life. Have fun choosing your favorite colors and creating a lively and playful representation of this beloved character.

5. Koopa Troopa With Wings

koopa troopa with wings

“Koopa Troopa With Wings” is a fun coloring page that introduces a unique and special version of the character Super Mario Bros. In this image, Koopa Troopa is depicted with wings, adding an element of adventure and excitement. Pay attention to the details of the wings and use vibrant colors to bring them to life. When parents let children color this picture, they can unleash their creativity and bring this unique character version to life. They can experiment with different color combinations for the wings and the rest of the character, allowing the artistic vision to shine. This coloring page allows children to have fun and express their creativity and helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention to detail. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the world of Super Mario Bros. and create their personalized version of Koopa Troopa.

6. Injured Koopa Troopa 

Koopa Troopa Super Mario
This unique coloring page shows a different side of the character Super Mario Bros. In this illustration, Koopa Troopa is depicted with a bandage and a worried look, implying that he has suffered some trauma or mishap. By choosing to color this picture, children can discover empathy and compassion. Children can use color to express a character’s feelings and create a feeling of support and hope through their artwork. Coloring can also be a way to process emotions and develop an understanding of other people’s experiences. Children can enjoy coloring through this sheet and learn valuable life lessons about empathy and understanding.

Which Koopa Troopa Coloring Pages Will You Choose? 

You just finished browsing our collection of the best Koopa Troopa coloring pages. The choice of which sheet ultimately depends on the preferences and interests of the child.

If your kids like cute and cuddly versions of Koopa Troopa, action scenes, and funny descriptions, choose a coloring page that matches their desired theme. In addition, you can also consider the child’s level of coloring skills and the amount of detail he enjoys working with. Some coloring pages may be more complex, requiring more time and precision, while others may be simpler and suitable for younger children. If you want to explore different aspects of Koopa Troopa, consider choosing a variety of coloring pages. This way, you can enjoy different poses, expressions, and themes, providing a diverse and engaging coloring experience.

In addition to Koopa Troopa, the Super Mario Bros game has many children’s favorite characters. You can refer to coloring sheets about Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Mario. Remember, the printable pages on our website are free to download, print and share as many times as you like.

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