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Super Mario, a video game created by Nintendo, has been gaining popularity since its introduction in the market. Many fans of the game have learned to love not only the game but all its characters.
Princess Daisy first appeared in the game “Super Mario Land” for the Game Boy in 1989. She was introduced as the princess of Sarasaland, a neighboring kingdom to the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Daisy is often depicted as a good friend of Princess Peach. They share the same role as princesses and often go on adventures and sports competitions together. In several side games and media, Daisy has also been romantically linked to Luigi, Mario’s brother. This beautiful character is the highlight of our new coloring page. Our Princess Daisy coloring pages contain many new sketches with different styles and expressions that kids will surely enjoy. 

Top Best Princess Daisy Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color!

You can color directly on the page or download these Princess Daisy printables for free and let your child’s creativity shine!

1. Princess Daisy With Mario Running Our Of Enemies

In this coloring page, Mario holds the hand of Princess Daisy to escape from the enemy. This is a dramatic situation that often occurs in the Super Mario series. With her energetic and athletic nature, Princess Daisy matches Mario’s agility and determination. She is depicted with flowing orange hair, wearing her signature yellow and orange dress, and a resolute expression on her face. Mario is known for his red cap, blue jumpsuit, and bushy mustache. He is always ready to take on challenges and often runs and jumps to overcome obstacles.

2. Princesses Poster

Posters can have vibrant and eye-catching designs with colorful backgrounds that represent the magical and adventurous world of the Super Mario series. Princess Peach, known for her pink dress and flowing blonde hair, will be placed at the top of the poster. She can be depicted with a graceful and regal pose, showing her kind and gentle demeanor. Her signature tiara and sparkling jewelry will emphasize her royal status. Princess Daisy, with her vibrant orange hair and yellow-orange dress, will be placed next to Princess Peach. She can be shown in an active and confident pose, showing her athletic nature. Her expression will convey her strong character and determination. Rosalina is recognized by her elegant blue dress and long silver hair, which will be placed next to Princess Daisy. She can be depicted with a serene and wise expression, reflecting her nurturing and motherly role as guardian of the universe. Below the portraits are the respective names of the public in the stylized typeface. You can choose a light color to paint this text.

3. Princess Daisy Expression

In some of our coloring pages, Princess Daisy is depicted with a cute expression. She shows playful expressions, such as a mischievous smile or twinkling eyes. Some designs refer to Princess Daisy in her bad expression. She raised her hand in greeting and winked one eye. On another printable page, Princess Daisy leans on her hips, her big smiley mouth revealing her striking white teeth showing her sense of humor. The colors you choose for these pages should be bright to show the character’s fun, playfulness, and humor.

4. Superstar Baseball Princess Daisy

Superstar Baseball Princess Daisy is a variant of Princess Daisy appearing in the Mario sports game series. Princess Daisy takes on the athlete role in this game and shows off her baseball skills. Baseball superstar Princess Daisy will wear a baseball uniform, which includes the team’s jersey, pants, and sneakers. Her uniform may feature a combination of yellow, orange, and white, reflecting her signature colors. In the drawing, the daisy princess holds a baseball bat, ready to swing and hit the ball. The bat can be colored to match her outfit or have her symbol, such as a daisy, representing her brand.

5. Princess Daisy Playing Golf

The next sport that Princess Daisy loves is golf. She will wear a sleeveless top with a mini skirt and sneakers. Her outfits can incorporate her signature colors of yellow and orange, reflecting her bubbly personality. Princess Daisy is holding a golf club, ready to take a shot. Her eyebrows may be slightly furrowed, and her eyes will be glued to the ball or target, showing her dedication and determination.

6. Princess Daisy Ice Skating

In the skating pose, Princess Daisy will wear a beautiful skating outfit. Her outfit can include a fitted skate dress embellished with colors like yellow, orange, and white to reflect her signature style. Princess Daisy wears figure skates specially designed for skating. Her skates can be pure white, providing stability and precision as she glides across the ice. Princess Daisy’s expression will exude joy and enjoyment as she enjoys the skating experience. Her performance will exude elegance and beauty, captivating the audience with her skill and charm.

7. Builder Princess Daisy

Princess builder Daisy will wear a practical yet fashionable construction outfit. She can wear a bright, hard hat or an iconic dress. Her outfit will reflect her bubbly personality and incorporate her signature colors of yellow and orange. Builder Princess Daisy will have a confident and determined expression on her face. Her eyebrows may be slightly furrowed, and her eyes will exude focus and determination.

8. Cool Princess Daisy

The impressive Princess Daisy on a motorcycle is a fun idea that shows her adventurous side. Her outfit is a leather bodysuit with sturdy and fashionable biker boots. Her outfit colors can incorporate signature shades of yellow and orange, adding to her vibrant personality. Princess Daisy confidently rides a sleek and powerful motorcycle on the coloring page. The motorcycle’s design can incorporate elements of her signature color, adding a touch of sophistication.

9. Princess Daisy In Wedding Dress

Princess Daisy will wear a gorgeous wedding dress. It can incorporate elements of her signature color, such as yellow or orange accents, to reflect her bubbly personality. The princess will wear a veil or tiara to complement her wedding dress. The veil can be long and ethereal, reaching down to the back. Her eyes will be filled with joy and excitement, reflecting her happiness and love.

Princess Daisy Coloring Pages – Which Will You Choose?

Super Mario Bros has existed for decades; kids and adults love it and its characters. The characters, including Princess Daisy, have evolved and changed. With its many variations, what is retained are the bright and colorful colors with which they are combined.
These cute and free Princess Daisy coloring pages are designed to unleash any child’s creativity. In addition, you can refer to other characters like Princess Peach or Rosalina. We hope you enjoy these prints while bringing these illustrations to life.

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