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Super Mario Bros features memorable characters, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. These characters have become beloved icons in the gaming world, inspiring fan art, cosplay, and merchandise. Now, we will introduce to you a secondary character but no less critical, Toad Mario. Toad Mario is a variation of the character Toad, a loyal and friendly Mushroom keeper in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario Toad often plays a supporting role in Mario games, assisting Mario in his adventures. He provides valuable information items or instructions to Mario and his friends. Toad Mario is known for his lively, cheerful personality and is always ready to help whenever needed.
It’s important to note that Toad Mario is not a separate character from Toad but rather represents Toad wearing Mario’s costume. You can refer to the Toad Mario coloring pages collection with many designs and styles.

Top Brand Toad Mario Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color!

1. Toad Mario Says Greeting And Goodbye

In the greeting position, Mario Toad stands upright with his legs slightly apart, exuding energy and enthusiasm. He lifted his mushroom hat with one hand, waving friendly to the others. His face lit up with a big smile, showing his excitement and warmth. This pose reflects his cheerful and friendly nature, inviting others to join the adventure.
To say goodbye, Toad Mario straightened up. He raised both hands, palms open and out as if waving goodbye in a friendly manner. His smile remained, but his expression showed a hint of nostalgia and gratitude. This pose shows appreciation for the time spent together and leaves a positive and memorable impression. You should paint bright colors to show the whole energy of the character.

2. Toad And His Racing Car

Toad and his racing car are an exciting Mario Kart combination. Toad’s race cars are compact and aerodynamic, engineered for ultimate speed and maneuverability. It features a vibrant color palette, often incorporating Toad’s iconic red-and-white color scheme. The sleek and elongated body allows the vehicle to glide through the air with minimal drag. The front of the Toad race car is adorned with a familiar face, big round eyes, and a broad smile, giving the car a playful and individual touch. The wheels are sturdy and fitted with high-performance tires, providing excellent traction on different terrains. Toad stood at the race car’s side and waved with a cheerful, energetic face.

3. Toad With Green Shell

The Green Shell is a brightly painted green tortoiseshell often associated with the Mario series. It has both a protective effect and a potential offensive weapon in races. In our coloring page, Toad places a Green Shell near him when preparing to use its power. His face showed determination, focused on the task at hand. He understands the importance of timing and precision when using Green Shell effectively.

4. Toad Mario Poster

The Toad Mario poster features a vibrant and vibrant design that captures the essence of both Toad and Mario. In the center of the poster is Toad Mario, depicted in a classic pose, exuding energy and enthusiasm. He wears a red and white mushroom hat. Mario Toad stood with his arms raised triumphantly, showing his cheerful and determined personality. At the bottom of Toad’s portrait is the word “Toad” in bold typeface. The letters can be stylized with vibrant colors and fun patterns, reflecting the energetic atmosphere of Mario World. To increase visual appeal, posters can incorporate bold and bright colors inspired by the vivid color palette of Mario games. Reds, blues, yellows, and greens can dominate the composition, evoking the sense of fun and nostalgia associated with the Mario brand.

5. Running Toad Mario

The coloring page depicts Toad in a running pose. Toad Mario dashes forward with impressive speed and agility, demonstrating his agile and determined nature. His arms are outstretched. Toad Mario’s legs are in full motion, with one leg stretched behind him, ready to push and push him further. The other leg lifted, bent at the knee, pushing him forward, creating a sense of movement and dynamism.

6. Bored Toad

In contrast to his usual lively and energetic demeanor, the bored Toad exhibits a more relaxed and disinterested attitude. Toad Bor can be seen sitting in a stooped position, with his body slightly stooped. His mushroom hat may be tilted to the side, indicating his lack of enthusiasm. Tood’s hand holds a game controller with distant eyes. Toad Bored’s outfit colors, including his blue vest and pants, are unchanged, but they can be duller or less vibrant, reflecting his low mood. The usual vivid elements, such as his mushroom cap’s red and white spots, appear less prominent or blurred.

7. Happy Toad

Our printable sheets show Toad standing tall, with an upright, confident posture. His mushroom hat rests proudly on the crown of his head, and his big round eyes sparkle with amusement. His mouth curled into a bright smile, showing his contagious happiness. Toad’s body language exudes energy and excitement. He may raise his hands to the sky as if celebrating a victory or showing pure joy. Also, in some coloring pages, Toad may be dancing, showing exhilaration and zest for life. When choosing a coloring page, you can note that the color of his outfit, which includes a blue vest and pants, is vibrant and vibrant, reflecting his upbeat nature. The red and white spots on Toad’s mushroom hat are striking and bold, further highlighting his cheerful look.

8. Toad Mario In Wedding Suit

Toad Mario in a wedding suit presents a glamorous and elegant image, ready to celebrate a special occasion. The suit features a tailored jacket with a crisp white shirt underneath. The jacket is embellished with subtle accents, such as buttons or lapel details, adding a sophisticated look. The suit’s color scheme often incorporates shades of blue, reflecting Toad’s signature colors and other complementary tones such as black or gray. The perfectly fitted suit highlights Toad Mario’s neat and polished look. Completing the wedding ensemble, Toad Mario wears a formal bow or a tie in a matching color. It adds a bit of flair and adds to the overall charm of her outfit.  Toad Mario’s mushroom hat is remembered in wedding attire. It can be slightly modified to complement the wedding suit.

9. Toad Screaming

As screaming, Toad’s eyes widened in alarm as its mouth opened wide, letting out a high-pitched scream. His eyebrows rose, emphasizing the shock and intensity of the moment. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth convey feelings of tension. The body’s overall posture shows a sense of urgency, with the posture leaning slightly backward. The bright and cheerful colors commonly seen in his outfits can be pale or faded, bringing out the dramatic effect of the moment.

Toad Mario Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Toad is one of the cutest video game characters out there, and it was a lot of fun to create artwork featuring this adorable little boy. Now that you know Toad Mario’s styles and expressions, we’d love to see how it turns out once you’ve finished your painting. In addition, you can refer to other Super Mario character coloring pages like Wario, Rosalina, or Koopalings. If you want to show off your artwork, you can share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to see how you embody this adorable and iconic character in your artwork!

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